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LAS VEGAS (AP) - A Canadian city alderwoman was found late Tuesday at a Las Vegas hotel-casino, alleging she was abducted in Great Falls, Mont., and assaulted, but refusing to cooperate with police.

Jose Montoya, a Las Vegas police officer, said Darlene Heatherington, 39, of Lethbridge was found "distraught" at the valet entrance of the Treasure Island hotel about 10:40 p.m. She had disappeared Saturday from Great Falls.

"She claimed she was brought to Las Vegas against her will, and said she thought whoever brought her here gave her something," Montoya said.

Police had no details about what the substance might have been.

Montoya said Heatherington did not describe her alleged abductor, did not complete an interview with a detective and did not consent to a complete medical exam at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where she had been taken to collect evidence of her claim that she was sexually assaulted.

"She said she wants to press charges, but was too tired to complete an interview and wanted to sleep," Montoya said, adding that a detective planned to interview her again Wednesday.

Detective Thomas Marin said the missing persons department was not investigating Heatherington's disappearance.

"She's an adult," Marin said. "We don't have a missing persons report."

Heatherington was in Great Falls last week as part of a Lethbridge delegation that was invited to meet with local government officials. She was last heard from Saturday morning when she called her husband in Lethbridge.

Her rental car, containing personal items, was found in the Civic Center parking lot on Sunday.

Great Falls police said they had found no evidence that Heatherington had been abducted or was a victim of violence. Their search focused on an urban trail along the Missouri River used for cycling and walking.

Heatherington bought a bicycle at a pawn shop Saturday morning, and police said she probably either had a bicycle accident or chose to vanish. The least likely possibilities for her disappearance are abduction or foul play, police said Tuesday.

"There are issues in people's lives where these folks may not want to be found," Lt. Ron Steffens said in Great Falls.

Dave Heatherington said his wife was in very good spirits when he spoke with her by phone Saturday morning.

"I have no idea what the reason would be for her to not want to come home," he said.

The couple has three children, ages 10, 8 and 4.

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