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The Missoulian

MISSOULA - Many people probably have watched Bob Barker on "The Price is Right" from their living rooms and wondered what it would be like to go on the show - and win. Candice Neaves did just that.

Neaves, a nurse at Community Medical Center in Missoula, won a new Jeep Wrangler playing the game "One Away" at a taping of the game show.

"I have always wanted to go on the show," Neaves said. "When Bob Barker came out on stage, I cried."

The process of getting to attend the show is somewhat long. Neaves said she and her family spent close to 12 hours waiting in line. But the long wait allowed them to get to know other potential contestants, she said.

Neaves and her family were seated right up front. She was the last contestant to be called down to contestants' row.

When Neaves was asked to "come on down," she ran toward the back of the studio and then turned around to run up on stage.

"Where is that woman going?" Barker asked from the stage.

"I wanted to be able to say I 'came on down,' " Neaves said.

Once in contestants' row, Neaves won her way on stage by bidding on a curio cabinet, Seitz said.

Neaves said she would have been thrilled just to have won the furniture. Once she got on stage, though, she was glad to be playing for a car.

"The only thing I really wouldn't want to win is a grandfather clock," she said.

She played the game "One Away," with the possibility of winning the Jeep. The game gives a price for the car, and each digit in the actual price is either one number higher or lower than the price given.

The actual price of the car was around $17,000, she said.

Neaves said she doesn't remember much of what happened once she won the car.

"We all just nearly went berserk," Seitz said. "We just screamed and hollered like everybody else."

She can watch, along with everyone else, when the show is broadcast April 24.

Once the show airs, a Jeep dealership in California will contact Neaves to arrange shipment of her vehicle. She will have the option of keeping it or selling it. Neaves will have to pay California tax on the car and said she didn't know how much it would be.

"We'll probably end up selling it," she said.

"It was all luck endash that's what I tell people, and they think I'm a star," Neaves said.

Neaves said even if she hadn't been chosen as a contestant, all the waiting in line would have been worth it.

Her grandmother agreed.

"It was a nice 81st birthday, I tell you," Seitz said.

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