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Who's running it and who's giving to it

Who is running the Montana Majority Fund

HELENA – Following is the list of officers of the Montana Majority Fund, a tax-exempt political group that is raising thousands of dollars with the aid of Republican Gov. Judy Martz. The officer list is as of Nov. 5, 2001, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Honorary Chairman: Gov. Judy Martz.

President: Mark Baker, a Helena attorney and former chief of staff to Rep. Rick Hill, R-Mont. Baker has also worked as a campaign staffer and Montana field director for Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., and was executive director of the Montana Republican Party.

Vice-president: Leo Giacometto, Martz’s appointee to the Northwest Power Planning Council, former U.S. marshal for Montana and former chief of staff to Burns and former state agriculture director under Gov. Marc Racicot.

Secretary/Treasurer: Elaine Sliter, former executive director of the Montana Republican Party, a state legislator and widow of state House Majority Leader Paul Sliter, R-Somers.

Executive director: Shane Hedges, 2000 campaign manager and former top policy aide for Gov. Judy Martz. He resigned his job with Martz on Aug. 31, more than two weeks after the drunken-driving wreck that killed Paul Sliter, his best friend. Hedges pleaded guilty to negligent homicide in connection with the death. He is currently an inmate of the Helena Pre-release Center.Who gave to Montana Majority FundHELENA – Here is a look at the finances of the Montana Majority Fund:CONTRIBUTORS:Those who gave $10,000 to the Montana Majority Fund in its first year were:

AT&T Political Action Committee Mountain States, Denver; Burlington Northern Santa Fe (railroad), Topeka, Kan.; Dean Swank, construction company owner, Valier; International Game Technology, Reno, Nev.; Tim and Mary Barnard, Barnard Construction, Bozeman; Northwestern Corp., Sioux Falls, S.D.; Phillip Morris Management Co., New York; Dick Anderson, Anderson Construction, Helena; PPL, Allentown, Pa.; Enron Wind Systems, California; Anheuser-Busch Inc.; and Delta Airlines, Salt Lake City.

Those who gave $5,000 were:

U.S. Tobacco Co., Greenwich, Conn.; Plum Creek Marketing, Columbia Falls; National Rifle Association-Political Victory Fund, Virginia; Smokeless Tobacco Council Inc., Washington, D.C., and R.J. Reynolds, North Carolina.

Other contributions include:

More than $25,000 in “in kind” service contributions from the Yellowstone Club, an exclusive private ski resort and development at Big Sky.

Another $15,000 in service contributions from Yellowstone Aviation, a private flight service.EXPENDITURESAmong the $152,428 in expenditures:

The fund’s IRS form simply reports one $11,513 expense as a payment to American Express, with no details on its purpose.

$38,000 to the Maddox Group, a political consulting group in Utah that helped with Gov. Judy Martz’s 2000 campaign.

$13,119 to MW Capital Management, the Washington, D.C., fund-raiser for the group.

$5,158 to Shane Hedges, former policy aide to Martz, who serves as executive director of the fund.

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