Mountain lion on camera

A mountain lion was caught on camera wandering a midtown Billings neighborhood early July 18.

A mountain lion was captured on video Thursday morning by two midtown Billings homes' security cameras. 

“A couple of days ago, somebody said they thought they saw a lion over on Mariposa Lane, which isn’t too far from the college,” said Bob Gibson, information and education manager with FWP. “But nothing was confirmed, and we haven’t heard anything since then either.”

FWP officials went out to check the area but found nothing.

The footage taken by a Ring Video Doorbell shows a mountain lion walking through the homeowner’s yard and then crossing the street through parked cars.

The homeowner on Mariposa Lane could not be reached for comment.

Montana State University, Billings issued a public safety advisory Friday after a mountain lion was seen at Virginia Lane and Silver Lane.

While it’s common for mountain lions to be seen below the Rims across Billings during the summer months, Gibson said, it’s still a concern to see them leaving the Alkali Creek corridor, which is a more common habitat.

“It’s not a concern for people to panic,” he said. “It’s just a good idea to keep your head on a swivel and don’t turn your kids out to run at midnight.”

Anyone who sees a mountain lion should report it to FWP, Gibson said. Billings' office can be reached at 406-247-2940.

The Billings Police Department did not receive any reports of a lion sighting Thursday.

Gibson said lions are motivated by their next meal, so deer on Alkali Creek, turkeys around MSUB, or even dog food on outdoor decks are all possible dinner options.

“We’re hoping the lion will see the errors in its ways and jump up over the Rims, go out in the Alkali Creek area and eat deer for a living instead of hunting around,” he said.

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