It would be a long return trip to attempt to drive home the riding floor scrubber from School District 2's annual lot auction. 

But the dump truck and 2007 pickup truck would likely bustle down the road — even the small John Deere tractor might do the trick. 

The district is auctioning off more than 150 lots, either standalone items or groups of items, along with other items sold garage sale-style at the district warehouse at 1470 Industrial Ave.

The equipment has been deemed surplus by the district.

The eclectic event has become a summer staple in Billings. Need a plastic salad bar? The lot bid starts at $5. Ditto for the Kenmore stove, belt sander, or assortment of desks, chairs and tables. 

Others, like the dump truck, start at $3,000. Or the pull-behind BBQ trailer at $300. 

Some of this year's more curious contents include:

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  • A video camera system
  • A kiln
  • A lot including a snow blower and leaf blower
  • Bricks — pallets of bricks
  • A fish tank
  • A high jump mat cart (sans squishy mats)
  • Six floor scrubbers in addition to the rider

Because the district is a public entity, surplus items need to be put up for sale. Damaged items can be discarded, but anything with value can’t be thrown out.

But the district doesn't make a killing on the sale, maybe turning a small profit that in turn, has paid for things like additional fencing around the warehouse. The sale is really more about unloading unused items that would otherwise take up storage space.

The garage sale begins at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, while the small lot auction begins at 9:30 a.m.

No pre-bidding is allowed, and bidders must be present. Minimum bids are $5 per lot, with exceptions. All sold items must be removed by the purchaser by 2:30 p.m. and payment must be made "promptly" in cash or check. Items are sold “as is” without guarantees, though defects may be noted in descriptions.

For a full listing of items and rules, visit www.billingsschools.org or click this link.

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