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A man who broke into Ra Ra's Pizzeria and Sandwiches through a take-out window early Sunday morning was caught on security cameras and the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office is looking for information to help identify him. 

The restaurant, located at 4667 Highway 312, posted video of the break-in to its Facebook page Monday evening.

A message accompanying the video read:

"Does anyone know this idiot? He owes me a take out window. The alarm went off. It's very loud. The idiot couldn't read Billings Alarm posted on all windows and doors." 

The black-and-white footage shows a man climbing through the take-out window and dropping into a crouch, peering around corners and holding an object that might be a crowbar. As he looks both ways and moves slowly through the kitchen, the man jerks upright, darts back and forth briefly and then runs down a dark hallway. The video is shorter than a minute. 

The lock on the take-out window was broken, and the window frame will be replaced, said Ra Ra's owner Rhonda Harman.

Wednesday, the sheriff's office shared that video on Facebook and also posted a video of the suspect's vehicle. The suspect vehicle in the video appears to be a dark-colored passenger car.

The break-in occurred shortly before 6:30 a.m. Sunday, according to the sheriff's office.

Anyone with information is asked to contact YCSO at 406-256-2929. The case number is 17-732105, according to the post. 

Harman said the restaurant marked its four-year anniversary on Nov. 28.

Originally from Huntley Project, Harman said her husband Monte Harman encouraged her after a 25-year career in the restaurant business to open up her own place. Dough is made fresh daily and the restaurant is open every day of the week except Sunday.

Beginning every spring and lasting until the last week in August, Ra Ra's has car shows on Wednesdays, Harman said. 


Night Reporter

General assignment reporter for The Billings Gazette.