In preparation for its 37th race, the Montana Women’s Run invites women to warm up their cold muscles at its Getting Started Clinic on Mondays from March 19 to May 7.

The clinics will help participants get in shape in plenty of time before the May 12 run, with instructor-led exercise and stretching techniques. The free weekly clinic will take place at 5:30 p.m. on the outdoor track at Rocky Mountain College, or in case of inclement weather, inside the RMC Fortin Center and at the Lockwood school. This year, the Montana Women’s Run Getting Started Clinics will feature special activities for children of participants.

Archie Cochran Ford is sponsoring the clinics.

The Montana Women’s Run promotes women’s health and fitness, with proceeds benefiting local women’s services and scholarships.

For more information, to register online, or to learn about Getting Started Clinics in other communities, go to or call the hotline at 255-8488.