Greg Upham

Billings School District 2 Superintendent Greg Upham speaks to the Board of Trustees during a school board meeting in April prior to his hiring.

School District 2 trustees highly praised district superintendent Greg Upham’s performance and unanimously voted to extend his contract for another school year during the regular school board meeting, on Monday. 

Upham is currently on contract for the 2019-2020 school year. The vote Monday extends his contract through the 2021-2022 school year. The vote followed Upham’s glowing evaluation, which trustees reviewed during a school board meeting on Monday.

Upham was marked as either “proficient” or “distinguished” over five categories. He was marked with 12 proficient and 28 distinguished in total.

Of the categories where he was marked as proficient by some trustees, trustee Joe Raffiani said there were nothing negative and all comments were effusive, he said.

“The few proficients that you received are easily summarized as being: they just want to watch you a little bit more and have the opportunity to shine that much more,” he said. “I think no more than one to two proficient [were given] per person. They gave you nothing but distinguished beyond that.”

Raffiani praised Upham’s ability to transition smoothly in his first year as superintendent. Upham took the job last year after the previous superintendent, Terry Bouck, retired in June. Upham was previously the assistant superintendent in Helena.

“The welcome from the community has been off the charts. It’s made the transition seamless. It’s made it easy,” Upham said.

Trustee Russ Hall remarked during the board meeting that he was impressed with Upham’s leadership.

“A good leader is not a dictator of direction but gathers information and input and I’ve been impressed with the way you’ve done that,” he said. “You’ve talked to literally every single school in the Billings area including the outlying districts.”

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