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Five days after issues began in Billings with Verizon customers calling the city's 911 center, the problem has been resolved, according to a press release from the Billings Fire Department. 

Since 4:43 a.m Wednesday, the 911 center in Billings had not spoken with any Verizon customers experiencing issues with their 911 call connections, BFD Chief William Rash wrote in the release. 

"Verizon has notified the 911 center that the connectivity issue has been resolved," the release says. 

Verizon customers had been unable to successfully call 911 and reach city-county dispatch in Billings since Saturday.

Rash concluded the press release by commending 911 center staff "for the incredible job that they did" while Verizon was trying to fix the issue and said they "worked diligently to find alternatives for Verizon Wireless customers to report emergency incidents." 

Media will be notified immediately if the issue recurs, according to the release. 

It's impossible to know how many calls failed to connect with the 911 dispatch center, Rash said in an email Wednesday. About 10 people called the non-emergency line after they were unable to connect with 911.

"There may have been callers who gave up trying to call after not being able to connect and others who simply called the non-emergency number and made a report without mentioning the problems with 911," Rash wrote. "We do know that Verizon connectivity was hit or miss — most calls were connected. Some calls were not."

The connectivity issues didn't appear to affect 911 texting, Rash said, since that service is provided on an independent platform. 

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