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As September ends and October begins, Billings remains far, far behind its average annual precipitation levels.

But this time of year has delivered some serious dumpings of snow as seen in these bits of weather history from the National Weather Service:

Sept. 30: Billings had its second-warmest September on record in 2009, when the average temperature was 66.7 degrees. That was the warmest since 1938. The month also tied the 1998 record for the most times that 90 degrees was reached during the month. That happened nine days.

Oct. 1: Billings tied its record for warmest October temperature as the mercury climbed to 90, the same as on Oct. 4, 1963. Miles City's high reached 92, but it wasn't a record for that city.

However, Miles City did have a record Oct. 1-2 in 1971, when 3.86 inches of rain fell, setting the record two-day total for October. Of that total, 2.11 inches fell on Oct. 1, the record wettest day.

Oct. 2: In 1998, lightning nearly hit a man east of Billings. The fall thunderstorm left power out for several minutes in the Billings Heights and south Billings and flooded some streets in downtown Billings. In 1997, Miles City has its record-warmest October temperature at 95 degrees.

Oct. 3: Heavy snow hit the Beartooth foothills in 1908, with Nye receiving 16 inches and Red Lodge piling up 14 inches.

Oct. 4: A major winter storm from Oct. 3 to Oct. 5 in 2005 downed power lines and trees and forced road closures. Over the course of the storm, Billings received 11 inches of snow. Pryor and Sonnette got 18 inches; Broadus, 15 inches; Colstrip and Ekalaka, 14 inches; Red Lodge, 12 inches; Baker, 11 inches; and Ashland, 10 inches. The 9.9 inches of snow that fell at Billings on Oct. 4. was a record for the month.

Oct. 5: In 2009, the Beartooth foothills and other areas were hit with heavy snows — Mystic Lake had 22 inches; Red Lodge and Nye, 20 inches; Livingston and Fort Smith, 8 inches; Lame Deer, Reed Point and Twodot, 6 inches; and Billings, 5 inches.

On Oct. 4 and 5, 1937, 2.38 inches of moisture drenched Billings. Red Lodge received 1.46 inches of precipitation, and Columbus and Roundup got 1.36 inches.

Oct. 6: Heavy snow in 1990 covered a wide area. Mystic Lake received 20 inches; Red Lodge, 12 inches; Nye, 10 inches; Sheridan, 7 inches; Pryor, 5 inches; and Billings, 3.5 inches. The high temperature in Billings was 38 degrees — 44 degrees cooler than the high on the previous day.