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University of Jamestown Spring 2021 Dean's List

The students listed have been recognized with this award have met the academic criteria to be named on the Spring Semester Dean's List:

Trenton Freitag of Billings, MT

Carson Klompien of Billings, MT

Adam Nedens of Billings, MT

Cade Torgerson of Billings, MT

University of Wisconsin-Stout Dean's List Spring 2021 semester

Jacob Gibbs, Senior, BS Computer Science of Billings, MT

University of Utah Spring 2021 Dean's List

Local students named to the Spring 2021 Dean's List include:

Alyssa Burke of Billings, whose major is listed as Architectural Studies BS

Erin Carroll of Billings, whose major is listed as Biology BS

Connor Eaton of Billings, whose major is listed as Economics BS and Finance BS and Marketing BS

Alex Hardman of Billings, whose major is listed as Electrical Engg BEE

Jessica Kramer of Joliet, whose major is listed as Nursing BSN

Dickinson State University Spring 2021 Dean's List

Taylor Ludwig of Billings (59101)

Haylie Oberlander of Worden (59088)

Cassidy Venner of Billings (59106)

Billings student graduates Summa Cum Laude from University of Sioux Falls

Rylee Kane of Red Lodge, MT is graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from University of Sioux Falls.

Kane and over 400 students were celebrated for graduation in the spring commencement ceremony.

Ludwig nominated for Dickinson State University's 2021 Outstanding Graduate Award

Taylor Ludwig of Billings, Montana, was nominated to receive Dickinson State University's 2021 Outstanding Graduate Award. This award is the highest honor bestowed upon graduating seniors by the University.

Students are nominated by the faculty in their academic departments for exceptional performance in their fields of study. Nominees submit an application packet which includes a resume, documentation of leadership, letters of reference, and an essay. A selection committee reviews complete applications and selects two individuals to receive the outstanding graduate of the year award.

Weber State presents Billings students with Academic Excellence awards

Hailey Dean of Billings, MT earned the honor of High Academic Excellence at Weber State University.

Zoe Thomae of Laurel, MT earned the honor of Academic Excellence at Weber State University.

Kyla Krebsbach of Billings, MT earned the honor of Academic Excellence at Weber State University.

More than 4,300 students, representing 28% of Weber State undergraduates, received the honor of Academic Excellence in the spring, signifying they maintained a GPA of at least 3.5. Of those 4,300, approximately 1,300 students earned the distinction of High Academic Excellence for maintaining a 4.0 GPA, representing 8% of the student body.

Billings graduates from Carroll College

Below is a list of Billings students who were candidates for graduation from Carroll College for 2021. Indicated on this list are the students’ names, hometowns, majors, and honors or distinctions earned.

Kendal Bailey Compton, Public Health

Sarah Day, Nursing

Grace E. DeBoer, Chemistry

Karissa Narcelle Dykstra, Health Sciences

Noah Paul Gaudreau, Biology

Parker A. Gunderson, Political Science/French/International Relations, Magna Cum Laude

Shae Helterbran, Nursing

Josh Kraft, Nursing, Magna Cum Laude

Shelby Rheaume, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Josephina Helen Elizabeth Snyder, Communication Studies

To be eligible for graduation honors, a Carroll student must complete 60 hours of coursework at Carroll and graduate with a cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.50. 

Billings students on Rocky Mountain College Dean's List 2021 Spring semester

Adair, Molly | Billings, MT | Deans List

Anderson, Shelby | Billings, MT | Deans List

Basso-Crouse, Dara | Billings, MT | Deans List

Conroy, Kayanna | Billings, MT | Deans List

Cooke, Julianna | Billings, MT | Deans List

Corcoran, Sean | Billings, MT | Deans List

Cornwall, Ryan | Billings, MT | Deans List

Croff, Mikayla | Billings, MT | Deans List

Guthridge, Andrew | Billings, MT | Deans List

Hageman, Jacob | Billings, MT | Deans List

Hardy, Emma | Billings, MT | Deans List

Haws, Braxton | Billings, MT | Deans List

Klein, Tyra | Billings, MT | Deans List

Knerr, Stormy | Livingston, MT | Deans List

McCalla, Jack | Billings, MT | Deans List

Mouser, Amberlea | Billings, MT | Deans List

Neuman, Elise | Billings, MT | Deans List

Palin, Tendra | Billings, MT | Deans List

Rudolph, Eryn | Billings, MT | Deans List

Sharpe, Weston | Billings, MT | Deans List

Skonicki, Emily | Billings, MT | Deans List

Stuart, Donna | Billings, MT | Deans List

Thomson, Kailey | Billings, MT | Deans List

Ventling, Paige | Laurel, MT | Deans List

Watkins, Dakota | Billings, MT | Deans List

Young, Brooke | Billings, MT | Deans List

Zimmermann, Jens | Billings, MT | Deans List

Anderson, Eric | Billings, MT | High Honors

Ard, Kendall | Billings, MT | High Honors

Ard, Kiersten | Billings, MT | High Honors

Avery, Ryleigh | Billings, MT | High Honors

Bartholomew, Sarah | Billings, MT | High Honors

Beauprez, Tressa | Billings, MT | High Honors

Beddow, George | Billings, MT | High Honors

Bonner, Vanessa | Billings, MT | High Honors

Butsch, Griffin | Billings, MT | High Honors

Celvi, Joshua | Billings, MT | High Honors

Crowl, Samuel | Laurel, MT | High Honors

Fritzler, Ivery | Crow Agency, MT | High Honors

Gemmill, Todd | Billings, MT | High Honors

Hakert, Bo | Billings, MT | High Honors

Hayes, Kristian | Billings, MT | High Honors

Hegg, Hayden | Billings, MT | High Honors

Hogan, Mayalee | Billings, MT | High Honors

Jenkins, Nicholas | Billings, MT | High Honors

Kesler, Kylee | Billings, MT | High Honors

Kokot, Abigail | Livingston, MT | High Honors

Kokot, Emily | Livingston, MT | High Honors

Laakso, Rayna | Park City, MT | High Honors

Leffler, Emma | Billings, MT | High Honors

Meyer, Sydney | Billings, MT | High Honors

Molm, Madison | Billings, MT | High Honors

Nebel, Chad | Billings, MT | High Honors

Peterson, Annika | Billings, MT | High Honors

Peterson, Kayley | Billings, MT | High Honors

Plumb, Breeze | Billings, MT | High Honors

Price, Jordan | Billings, MT | High Honors

Price, Tyler | Billings, MT | High Honors

Reichert, Austin | Billings, MT | High Honors

Roberts, Mason | Billings, MT | High Honors

Ruble, Zachary | Billings, MT | High Honors

Saarel, Larissa | Livingston, MT | High Honors

Safikyurdskiy, Danil | Billings, MT | High Honors

Sand, Tabitha | Billings, MT | High Honors

Schell, Daysha | Billings, MT | High Honors

Shaver, Cassidy | Billings, MT | High Honors

Billings student graduates from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Caleb Nelson, College of Letters and Science, Doctor of Philosophy

The P.E.O. Sisterhood awards $20,000 Scholar Award 

The P.E.O. Sisterhood awarded a $20,000 Scholar Award to Catherine Cole Thomas, a Ph.D. Student in Social Psychology and an Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow at Stanford University. She is one of 100 doctoral students in the U.S. and Canada to receive the award from the P.E.O. Sisterhood. She was sponsored by Chapter S in Billings.

Barkell earns master's degree from CSC

Chadron State College will return to in-person commencement exercises Saturday after hosting virtual events due to COVID-19 the past two semesters. Graduate commencement will start at 9 a.m. with speaker Dr. Rick Koza, a CSC Business Professor who is retiring this year. Eighty-one May 2021 graduates and 14 graduates from 2020 will be participating. Stacey Barkell of Billings, MT was among the graduates.

Bush excels as a musician and music advocate

Music Performance major at Montana State University Billings, Alex Bush, has excelled as a musician, but has also dedicated much of his time to the Music department in hopes of creating more opportunities for future musicians.

Bush chose to attend MSU Billings primarily for its low cost, but chose to major in music performance after experiencing a jazz ensemble concert and the talent it conveyed. “The benefits of this smaller school are huge,” says Bush. “You really get to know your professors and fellow students.” Bush describes his relationship with his professors as life changing mentorships. “They are incredibly knowledgeable, world class musicians, and wonderful, caring people,” comments Bush.

Bush is the first recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Leadership award for his great success and involvement within the Department of Music. A Billings native, Bush has dedicated many hours in promoting peer success through recording, editing and audio management during recitals. He has recorded every performance in Cisel Recital Hall and holds the position as audio engineer. Bush is also a jazz club leader in which he composes and arranges music for the jazz ensembles.

Bush volunteers his talents by performing at local charities and non-profits. The Music department acknowledges tremendous strides in student talent as well as community recognition, and Bush is considered a key element in that success over the past four years.

 The Billings Music Teachers Association announces 'top performers' from Spring Festival

The Billings Music Teachers Association held its annual Spring Festival on April 30 – May 1 at New Hope Church of the Nazarene. Over 70 students performed over two days for adjudicator Molly Morrison from Missoula. Morrison named the following students as “Top Performers” of the Festival: Felixe Becker, student of Karen Huffman; Hannah Berg, student of Charlene Waddingham; Elizabeth Yeager, Lilly Holberg, and Bethany Strong, students of Sherlon Orth; Adalaide Paulsen, Chloe Budge/Emily Loveless duet, Weslie Smith, Lexie Taylor, and Tiffany Williams, students of Margaret McGillvray; Zelie Stevens, student of Lynette Tedlund, and Alysse McGrew, student of Alma Weisner.

The following individuals have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or a non-narcotic or narcotic drug, or of operating a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol content above the legal intoxication level:

Justice Court Convictions

Tanner Cole Amyotte, 23, Lodge Grass, $675 fine, seven days in jail, first offense.

Jonathan Daniel Damjanovich, 22, Billings, $3085 fine, 60 days in jail, second offense.

Sandra Lee Prophet, 68, Shepherd, $685 fine, zero days in jail, first offense.

Matthew Daniel Rivera, 18, Billings, $685 fine, one day in jail, first offense.

Municipal Court Convictions

Dallas Bedford, 26, Billings, $1085 fine, two days in jail, first offense.

Zachary James Schellin, 25, Billings, $685 fine, one day in jail, first offense.

Sheila Christine Wand, 32, Billings, $685 fine, one day in jail, first offense.

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