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Noah Woodring, a junior student in Russell Walks graphic design class at the Billings Career Center, won the recent “What Makes You Proud to be in Billings” mural competition.

Big Sky Economic Development’s Better Off in Billings brand, in partnership with the Downtown Billings Alliance, the Pub Station and RotarAction, hosted the spring mural competition with the Billings Career Center.

Woodring’s winning design will be painted onto the Pub Station and the student was awarded $500.

Kirksey E. Cunningham, a West High graduate, was recently awarded a National Merit University of Montana Scholarship.

Zach Mangels, a Skyview High student, was awarded second place at the circuit level of the 2019 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest. The theme of the contest was, “The 4th Amendment in the 21st Century—What is an 'Unreasonable Search and Seizure' in the Digital Age?” Students in grades 9-12 in public, private and parochial schools and home-schooled students of equivalent grade status were challenged to write an essay or produce a short video on the topic. All of the 15 federal courts in the Ninth Circuit (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, the U.S. Territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) held local contests with winners going on to compete in the circuit-wide competition. In all, 45 essays and 26 videos were selected for final consideration by the Ninth Circuit Courts and Community Committee, which will select the winners. At the circuit level, prizes of $2,000, $1,000 and $500 were awarded to first-, second- and third-place winners.

Hera Wiegand, a 2016 graduate of Skyview and a junior at Montana State University, was recently awarded a Research Education for Undergraduates Fellowship for astrophysics at Brigham Young University. Wiegand, an astrophysics major, will conduct observational research in celestial objects.

Malia Ebel, of Billings, was recently named to the spring honors list at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska. The top 25 percent of all undergraduate students who complete at least 12 credit hours on the traditional A-F grading scale qualify for the university’s honors list.

Elizabeth Dobson, of Billings, was recently named to the spring dean's list at Cazenovia College. To qualify, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5.

Amanda Peterson, of Billings, was recently named to the spring dean's list at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. To qualify, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5.

Colton Whitney, of Joliet, was awarded a Northwest Farm Credit Services scholarship in the amount of $2,500.

Kaitlin Sullivan, of Billings, was recently named to the spring dean’s list at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. To qualify, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.4.

L. Andrew Sterup, of Billings, recently graduated from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, with a bachelor’s degree. Sterup, who attended Central High, majored in government and history.

Jacob Scott, of Billings, recently graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a bachelor’s degree.

Elizabeth Dobson, of Billings, graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Cazenovia College.

Shandray Hern, of Billings, and Alexis Lewis, of Laurel, were named to the dean’s list Northern State University in Aberdeen, S.D., as part-time students earning grade point averages of 4.0.

Katherine Kilzer, of Billings, recently graduated from the University of Iowa.

Michael Boller, Billings, was recently named to the president's honor roll at Bismarck State College. To qualify, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5.

Thomas Kuntz, of Red Lodge, was recently named to the dean's list at Stonehill College. To qualify, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5.

Mason O'Donnell, of Laurel, was named to the academic dean’s list Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. To qualify, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5.

Listed below, by hometown, are area students recently named to the spring dean’s list at the University of Montana Western. To qualify, students must be enrolled full-time or for 12 semester credits and carry a minimum grade point average 3.33. An asterisk (*) after a name indicates a student received dean’s list high honors for earning a 4.0 grade point average.


Katie Bumgarner*, Scottie Crigler, Brittany Dupea, Cade Field*, Alex Fox, Jeffrey Krissek, McKayla Maciel, Conner Smyle


Kenyon Hatten


Chloe Hanser


Mckenzie Klunder, Megan Mosby*, Karen Ray, Angela Wheeler

Red Lodge:

Callie Wollenburg


Sarah Bruner*, Mckenna Sealey


Caitlyn Moran, Katlyn Skauge*

Listed below, by hometown are area students recently named to the spring 2019 dean’s list at Carroll College. To qualify, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5.

Billings: Mikayla Bloyder, Kelly Brotzel, Ashley Davis, Margaret Day, Alexis Egan, Kaitlin Goldthwaite, Katie Grenier, Parker Gunderson, Josh Kraft, Sarah Lauver, Rachel Quade, Reece Quade, Mikaela Robinson, Hope Welhaven

Absarokee: Colleen Culbertson

Joliet: Madeline Spickard

Molt: Evan Barthel

Roberts: Jessica Allsup

Roundup: Hailey Kellum

Listed below, by hometown, are area students recently named to the spring dean’s list at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Billings: Mark Bjelland, Caylin Cathey, Jason Kleinschmidt, Rebekah Mack, Shayden Todhunter, Mckenzie Wandler

Park City: Theresa George, Gretchen Henke, Monica Henke, Rachel Henke

To qualify, undergraduate students must earn a 3.5 or better grade point average while carrying at least 12 credit hours. Students enrolled in University of Mary’s Worldwide program must earn a 3.5 or better grade point average while at a full-time adult learner status.

Listed below are area students recently named to the spring president’s list at Miles Community College.

For earning a grade point average of 4.0:

Samantha Bonenberger, Kelly Brookshire, Lesley Buck Elk and Michael Teeling, all of Billings; Uluwehi Brooks, of Columbus.

For earning a 3.75-3.99 GPA:

Jantzen Carlson, Dante Downing, Matisen Hjelvik and Gordon Schmidt, all of Billings; Leah Aigner, of Shepherd; Bobbi Kipf, Tracy Patrick and Kirsti Walker.

For earning a 3.50-3.74 GPA:

Jessica Brakke, Kade Hickey and Ricardo Lupiano, all of Billings; Briley Cook, of Shepherd; Rylan Gauthier, of Park City; and Carson Hoke, of Laurel.

Montana State University Billings recently named students to its spring undergraduate honor roll.

The following students, listed by hometown, earned a 4.0 grade point average:


Kari Adams, Judith Aragon, Hayley Arneson, Patricia Bangert, Mikaela Besel, John Bolin, Peter Borberg, Cyrine Boumediene, Nicholas Brown, Shane Brown, Elizabeth Bruhaug, Joshua Brun, Aaron Burt, Kyla Chamberlain, Sharon Clarke, Currey Colter, Andrew Copeland, Jessalyn Dalbey, Kinsley Dean, Lucas Deisz, Madalyn Deleon, Leah Dugas, Brett Edelman, Kevin Famighetti, Lana Farr, Elizabeth Fisher, Liam Flanagan, Marisa Getchell, Jacob Gibbs, Kallie Giese, Caitlyn Graves, Ashlie Grinsteiner, Jay Hanewald, Hannah Harsha, Ian Hayward, Mohammadreza Heidari, Kascade Helm, Sheri Herman, Sakari Hetmer, Alysa Horn, Malia Howell, Johnna Jablonski, Todd Jennings, Caleb Johnson, Greg Junghans, Alexus Ketterling, Madelyn King, Stephanie Kirkpatrick, Lucille Kramer, Molly Kramer, Kieran Kurth, Myra Kuykendall, Misty Larsen, Connor Lebsock, Julia Lober, Casey Longfellow, Kyle Madill, Hallie Maisch, Tessa Miller, Brooke Moncada, Alexandra Murray, Shane Nichols, Kaj Nicholson, Sydney Norwood, Thomas ODonnell, Brady Ostermiller, Jeremy Ostermiller, Evan Parker, Marya Pennington, Kathryn Potter, Meghan Powell, Crystal Prolo, Christopher Rapich, Abbee Richards, Chelsea Saunders, Russell Schiller, Rory Schillo, Daniel Schneider, Ashley Scott, Angel Shandy, Kaelen Shay, Jessica Shepp, Taylor Slabaugh, Anjali Smith, Ryan Smith, Rylee Sowerwine, Joshua Stanley, Erin Steiner, Andrew Stene, Addie Sternad, Konnor Stiles, Jessica Sullivan, Bailee Sveinson, Jerimiah Tretin, James Unzaga, Bradley Vladic, Lydia Vorisek, Luke Walker, Derk Walter, Devin Williams, Liliana Williams, Michelle Williams, Kyle Yoder, Jessi Zuroff

Bridger: David McGee, Shaniah Schwend, Cody Walters

Broadview: Brenna Beckett

Columbus: Logan Smith

Hardin: Alexandria Bush, Justin Kaldahl

Huntley: Bryce Peterson, Jamie Puckett, Anna Seymanski

Joliet: Cailen Herriford, Sari Robertus, Jessa Ruggles

Laurel: Shayla Deming, Claudia Hamilton, David Henning, Sierra Laughridge, Abbigail Lohof, Kayla Pearson, Douglas Raymond, James Reuss, Madison Schumacher, Sarah Tomljenovich, Lauryn Weidler

Lavina: Carly Schaff

Park City: Brittany Frank, Sarah Lees

Red Lodge: Allison Hudak, April Lubbers

Roberts: Kandiss Dowdell

Roundup: Kaitlin Angel

The following students, listed by hometown, earned a 3.5-3.99 GPA:

Billings: Ciara Abstetar, Seth Allard, Isabel Alles, Nicholas Allison, Brydan Anderson, Kayla Anderson , Samantha Arave, Gabriella Aschim, Robert Ashmore, Zachary Augustine, Leslie Barrett, Brienna Barron, Alicia Bear, Sarah Beatty, Brenda Benjamin, Shawna Benner, Ivy Bird, Brittany Bloom, Alexandra Bloyder, Dylan Bodvig, Gordon Boese, Lauryn Boos, Sarah Boucher, Jordan Bourassa, Jake Brainard, Kourtney Brown, Abigail Bryan, Alec Buffington, Michael Bullard, Taylor Burris, Tylar Bushfield, Joseph Carlson, Harper Carr, Maycee Carter, Jennifer Caruso, Skyler Chartier, Ryan Cohenour, Alyssa Cole, Kendra Cox, Rebecca Crabtree, Pamela Craig, Robin Cunningham, Marie Custer, Kaysi Dahl, Garrett Damm, Addyson Daubert, Hailey Dean, Hayley Desin, Jennifer Dietz, Michael Doerzbacher, Naomi Doney, Brynne Dotson, Seanan Dowling, Jennifer Downing, Crystal Dye, Mason Elkin, Wesley Ewing, Jamie Fangsrud, Nicole Farnsworth, Chloe Fields, Madison Fievet, Brittanee Fisher, Joseph Frankforter, Peter Franqui, Aaron French, Keleena Frickel, Alicia Frischmann, Ashlee Fritzler, Jalen Garcia, Shalese Gentry, Joseph Giacomini, Ashley Gilman, Kelsey Glasgow, Augustus Goldberg, Caleb Goll, Allee Gottula, Brianna Gray, Danielle Greeno, Ashley Guthridge, Kirby Haggerty, Isabelle Hahn, Jerramie Haire, Josie Hamilton, Ashlyn Hardy, Emerald Hart, Vernon Hawley, Mariah Hay, Taylor Heady, Asha Heggen, Alex Hilario, Caitlin Hill, Morgan Hofmann, Jordan Holm, Dustin Hostetler, Benjamin Houser, Kelton Houston, David Hunt, Alexandra Hutchins, Brittney Hutchinson, Richard Ingram-Hegenbart, Katrina Jandro, Dylan Johnson, Tayler Johnson, Angela Jones, Jaci Juarez, Sarah Keating, Drew Keierleber, Jarren Keller, Wade Kerner, Katelynn Killham, Brandon Kuehn, Taylor Kuntz, Taylor Kurkoski, Michael Largo, Sean Larsen, David Larson, Patrick Lawler, Katherina Lehman, Jeanann Lemelin, Emilio Lopez, Paige Lueck, Sarah Lyda, Jennifer Mack, Maimaitiyiti Maierdan, Kendra Manygoats, Trinity Marcher, Kristin Marshall, Levi Mattson, Elizabeth MayCarolyn Mayer, Jeannine Mazel, Kelcey McCarvel, Brent McDermid, Jacob McGovern, Benjamin McMaster, Jacob Meeker, Anna Messmer, Morgan Miller, Rachel Miller, Tanner Miller, Nora Minch, Grace Mock, Steven Moewes, Cierra Moody, Monica Moss, Thorvald Murphy, McKenna Myers, Nay Naing, Lilly Nault, Kent Nelson, Hannah Nessan, Della Nidiffer, Chelsea Niebeling, Ellise Nienaber, Keslie Oaks, Justine O'Donnell, Erin O'Leary, Michael O'Neil, Trevor Osborne, Taylor Ostwald, Joel Overholt, Tierney Pekovich, Hayden Peters, Kennedy Pierce, Jordan Piper, Michelle Polak, Terri Porta, Brandon Ranney, Ashley Ray, Amber Reger, Lilia Renova, Kylie Rickard, Deisza Riojas Hidalgo, Aleah Robinson, Sean Rowen, Olivia Ruesch, Sophia Salisbury, Nathan Salois, Brody Schillo, Zachery Schmidt, Malia Schoenenberger, Paytn Schulz, Margaret Schwarz, Violet Scott, Scott Secord, William Segerstrom, Isaac Seward, Stephanie Shanley, Ethan Sharp, Aaron Shea, Maxwell Sheehan, Alyssa Shreeve, Jaylea Siroky, Casey Skinner, Russell Somes, Alexandra Song, Asher Sotelo, Sydney Soueidi, Troy Spang, Dante Sparks, Jordan Spitzer, Nicole Stamp, Amanda Stene, Danette Stephan, Shannon Stopp, Logan Straus, Katlyn Stringari, Stephen Stringari, Angela Stuart, Isaac Stuart, Kaylynn Syrenne, Michaela Talksabout, Joshua Tarango, Madalyn Terwilliger, Gary Thibault, Alicia Thomason, Drew Thompson, Taylor Tilzey, Emily Toennis, Jenny Toews, Leanne Tombrink, Alexa Torbert, Danielle Turner, Kyla Turner, James Tyler, Saige Vacca, Kiahna Vennes-Rubin, Erin Vincent, Hannah Vincent, Kamyshia Wade, Jalen Wagner, David Walters, Kylie Walters, Elizabeth Wang, Thomas Webb, Kala Weber, Calista Whirley, Rylie Wiebe, Emily Wilkinson, Evan Williams, Katie Williams, Ellen Wolf, Kaitlin Wolff, Curran Woods, Violet Wright, Grace Wroot, Madison Youlden, Eric Young, Alice Zeeb, April Zimmerman

Absarokee: Kelly Carter-Flynn, Elizabeth Evans

Bridger: Zach Campbell, Willow Peterson, Jennifer Winchell

Broadview: Rusty Butler, Kylie Schott

Columbus: Padon Little, Madison Morgan, Trey Ostrum, Matthew Palmer, Heather Richardson, Caleb Roberts, Genevieve Rodriguez, Zachary Sutton, Sarah Wilson, Amanda Zajanc

Fromberg: Donovan Turley

Hardin: Brittany Laci, Morgan Luther, Abigail Schaffer, AliceAnn Sloan

Huntley: Rebecka Bolerjack, Rachel Pekah

Joliet: Kyle Deines, Danielle Dewell, Emily Jones, Savannah Whitney

Laurel: Haley Barthuly, Kelsey Beck, Kailee Bermes, Jasmine Boe, Samantha Cole, Korrin Dietz, Hissaki Flores, Garett Frank, Rachael Hahn, Kelsey Hodges, Paige Hodges, Madison LeBrun, Caleb Music, Karrah Peterson, Dustin Riveland, Tanner Scheeler, Theodore Schmidt, Nancy Snow, Lisa Tanskanen, Courtney Vagner

Lavina: Jaycie Boe

Molt: Joshua Cederberg

Park City: Sabra Coles, Hailee Gregerson, Mary McConnell, Robert Nardella, Leo Steiner

Red Lodge: Darcy Hadley, Carrie Smith

Roberts: Alydia LaRowe, Rosemary Pennington, Kelsey Pratt, Brittany Prinkki

Roundup: Patrick Krebs, Cory Rutan, Justin Ruth, Jamie Stahl

Shepherd: Frederick Baker, Nathan Bolt, Daniel Borsum, Sean Owens, Micah Reimann, Lindsey Stanina, Dillon Steiger

Worden: Ashton Albrecht, Chad Geck, Alan Noonkester, Tylee Oxendahl

To see a complete list of MSUB students named to the spring 2019 undergraduate honor roll, go to msubillings.edu.

Listed below, by hometown, are area students who recently graduated from Montana State University with an undergraduate degree.

Students with two asterisks after their name (**) graduated with highest honors. To graduate with highest honors, undergraduate students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.7.

Undergraduate students graduating with honors have a single asterisk (*) after their name. To qualify for graduation with honors, students must possess a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 to 3.69.

Billings: Kasey Anderson, Dakota Arthun, Eric Ashmore*, Marisa Barthuly**, Tabitha Bellows**, Ryan Benge, Karl Benjamin, Jonathan Biegel, Tyler Boehm, Blake Brenteson, Jackson Brew, Andrew Brosten*, Christian Butler**, Danielle Campanella, Benjamin Carroll**, Alexis Clark**, Delaney Clement*, Taylor Coghlan*, Benjamin Collins*, Julia Connelley*, Adam Copeland**, Emily Copeland*, Spencer Cornish*, Kristen-Holly Coult*, Tianna Cronk**, Joseph Donovan, Justin Dreessen**, Brett Dvorak, Tanner Edward**, Mckinzie Emmett*, Mark Fisher*, Victoria Fowler**, Ashlee Frank**, Mckenzie Frisk*, Isaac Fritz, Maria Fritz, Connor Gaughan**, Haley Gellner**, Jana Gemmill**, Matias Gerbasi*, Hunter Gerth, Leigh Gipe, Joseph Grewell, Thomas Gutierrez, Mikaela Harbach**, Sean Harris, Kaely Helmbrecht, Mikayla Hirschkorn, Cody Hopkins, Connor Hosier, Cody Hubman, Madalin Jacobs, Andrew Johnson**, Austrin Johnson, Brayden Johnson, John Kent, Angela Kersten*, Kristina Kilts, Kylen Laber, Dylan Ladd**, Eric Lambert, Jamison Lee, Jane Lee**, Brianna Lindgren**, Jacob Linnell, Gena Lustig**, Jessica Marosok*, Brandon May, Mitchell Meyer**, Jennifer Morse, Christa Mortimer, Carrie Murnion**, Marissa Navejar, Pierce Oja**, Jenna Olds, Alexis Ostwalt**, Matthew Overfelt*, Anna Paine**, Delisha Patel, Alex Picicci, Jazzlyn Pulley, Levi Rak*, Kolby Reed**, Taylor Rittenhouse, Morgan Shackelford**, Heidi Sielbach**, Chloe Silvernagel**, Mykenzie Skinner*, CassieSmith, Haley Smith*, Kaitlyn Smith, Pamela Smith, Sarah Smith, Thea Smith*, MacKenzie Stone*, Brayden Stowe*, Tara Sundsted**, Eli Sutherland*, Ryan Sylvester*, Whitney Tanis**, Hannah Thatcher, Nathanial Tranel**, Jessica Vance*, Abigail Vanderkolk*, Cara Vihinen*, Rachel Walker**, Anna Weber, Tanner White**, Konner Wiechman, Christopher Wight, Bailey Williams*, Tyeffa Williams, Witni Wilson**, William Woolston, Ragan Yetley*

Bridger: Jimmy Kelsey*, Alysia Sweet*

Columbus: Daniel Wiggs

Fromberg: Miles Guenthner**

Hardin: Jason Cummins, Leidy Hooker, Trisheena Kills Pretty Enemy, Sarah Murdock, Tiffani Schubert

Huntley: Garrett Frieling, Morgan Jones**

Laurel: Cade Bowman*, LaTisha Demarais, Madison Fichtner*, Treven Hembree, Kayla OToole**, Alexandra Vogele, Samantha Weishoff*

Lavina: Madison Schwehr

Park City: Mackenzie Bernhardt*, Sander Story**

Pryor: Bianka Rock Above

Red Lodge: Laura Nearpass*

Roundup: Shelby Atchison**Ryegate: Hailey Zinne**Seeley Lake: Cole Jungers, Norman Sisco

Shepherd: Erika Murray**

Worden: Trent Johnson

Listed below, by hometown, are area students recently named to the dean’s list at Montana State University-Northern. To qualify, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.25.


Madalyn R. Combs, Taylor D. Corbett, Seth A. Hawkins, Sidney Kiefer, Brassar T. McCabe, Andrea M. Pollak, Alyssia L. Rigney, Ryan B. Roche, Brennon J. Veis, Dylan R. Veis, Ryan E. Williams

Columbus: Jace M. Aumueller

Forsyth: Caleb H. Knoche, Logan Z. Martens, Brandon S. Weber, Matthew R. Weber

Fromberg: Justin S. King

Joliet: Trey A. Oswald

Laurel: Jessica Condon, Shay E. Osborne

Roberts: Jonathan Erickson

Listed below, by hometown, are area students were recently named to the president’s and vice president’s honor rolls at Sheridan College.

Named to the president’s honor roll for earning a 4.0 grade point average are:

Billings: Bailey Hassler, Brianna Sanford, McKenna Smyle

Joliet: Skylar Foos

Named to the vice president’s honor roll for earning a 3.5-3.99 grade point average are:

Billings: Danielle Bedwell, Foster Brown, Kayla Fischer, Kiara Myron

Fishtail: Chase Ostrum


Montana State University Billings celebrated its first-ever Golden Graduates Alumni Program at the school’s 2019 commencement on May 4. The celebration honors alumni who have graduated 50 or more years ago by bringing them back to campus and participating in events throughout commencement weekend. The Golden Graduates met Chancellor Edelman, toured campus and donned golden regalia as they received diploma plaques during the commencement ceremony.

The 2019 Golden Graduates are:

Ed Butcher, Winifred, Class of 1966; Pat Boyer, Bozeman, Class of 1967 and 1975; Virginia (Reiner Tooke) Herrick, Billings, Class of 1969; Wanda (Sebek) Grinde, Billings, Class of 1966 and 1971; Shirley (Stinebaugh) Gruber, Santa Maria, Calif., Class of 1939; Donald James, Billings, Class of 1968 and 1976; Karyl (Keup) Beattie, Helena, Class of 1967; Joyce Ley, Portland, Ore., Class of 1966 and 1977; Herbert Mangis, Billings, Class of 1958; Lloyd Mickelson, Billings, Class of 1963; Robert Piccolo, Clancy, Class of 1969; Steven Scanlin, Boise, Idaho, Class of 1969; Jill (Conwell) Shea, Tacoma, Wash., Class of 1967; Kristeen Keup, Billings, Class of 1968; Linda (Messick) Williamson, Mountain Home, Ark., Class of 1968; Clark Swan, Billings, Carol (Whitmer) Bull, Billings, Class of 1966; Norma (Alstad) Scheidecker, Billings, Class of 1965; Sharon (Daniels) Ille, Billings, Class of 1965 and 1974.

For more information, go to msubfoundation.com/alumni.

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