The following have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or a non-narcotic or narcotic drug, or of operating a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol content above the legal intoxication level:

Justice Court Convictions

Andrew Cole Barkhuff, 23, on Feb. 10, $800 fine.

Amanda Agnew, 23, 1530 Lewis Ave., on Feb. 10, $800 fine, four days jail.

Coty Lee Fulton, 27, Laurel, on Feb. 18, $800 fine, one day sheriff's labor detail.

Municipal Court Convictions

Brian Edgar Oldbull, 24, Lodge Grass, on April 9, $1,135 fine, 20 days jail, 2nd offense.

Thomas Lee Gustin, 25, 4730 Stone St., on May 11, $785 fine, one day jail.

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Sarah Gabrielle Coghlan, 21, 408 14th St., on May 22, $735 fine, one day jail.

Hoyt Edward Keiser, 34, 609 N. 23rd St., on May 22, $1,125 fine, two days jail.

Colleen Mae Morgan, 55, 811 Seventh St. W., on May 24, $735 fine, one day jail.