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Gazette opinion: Romney offers new leadership America needs

Gazette opinion: Romney offers new leadership America needs

When Barack Obama became president, the United States was losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. The world’s financial system was in danger of collapse. Global stock market declines had wiped out trillions in wealth for upper and middle class Americans, including retirees.

Since then, the markets have bounced back, but remain highly volatile. America has been adding jobs, but slowly, and still has recovered barely half of those lost. The banking system is stable, but credit is scarce. Uncertainty reigns in this slow recovery.

America needs to get moving faster. Mitt Romney has been bringing that message to voters for nearly four years. Voters wondering whether Romney is presidential material were enthused by his aggressive performance in the first presidential debate.

Romney spotlighted Obama’s failure to consistently show any kind of strong leadership. Obama has failed to lead America forward from the stagnation that followed the great recession.

On the other hand, Romney’s leadership credentials date back to his successful work on the 2002 Salt Lake City winter Olympics and his tenure as governor of Massachusetts.

As president, Obama has failed to bring people together. Romney will be more open to working with Democrats than Obama has been to work with Republicans.

Strong presidential leadership, the leadership Romney is most likely to deliver, brings people together.

Obama has proven time and again to be indecisive. Romney will make the hard decisions and stick with them, providing certainty that Americans and American business needs. Look for Romney to shift policy away from government more to private sector.

Romney offers the best chance of getting the nation’s budget balanced. Voters may well wonder if Obama even knows what it means to get spending under control. Romney understands the decisions that folks in business have had to make to continue operating.

It’s that kind of business know-how, that executive, management experience, that America needs in its highest level of government.

In making a case for Romney, one Eastern newspaper editorialist said: “America’s political problem today is at base a management challenge — how to adjudicate between polarized parties and among passionate politicians who see compromise as an indication of powerlessness rather than an act of patriotism.”

American has just survived the worst recession since the Great Depression. But government policies must change for our great nation to thrive again. To meet the expectations of its people for continued economic growth, America needs a new CEO — Mitt Romney.


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