Our nation is facing a financial crisis involving unemployment, Social Security and Medicare. One factor interwoven through all three areas is that fewer young people are paying into these programs at a time when our seniors are becoming dependent upon the expected funds.

Sadly, there are fewer young taxpayers than originally expected due to the 1972 Supreme Court ruling of Roe vs. Wade which legalized abortion. Fifty million preborn babies in the U.S. have been intentionally eliminated through abortion! Of those, all the millions who would have been born between 1972 and 1992, would have been a part of our work force, paying taxes and supporting our nation and our seniors. In addition, all 50 million babies would have needed food, clothing, housing, and education; thus creating jobs for our adult population.

We have forgotten that adults are meant to provide and nurture children, who, in turn, provide and care for the elderly.

It should be obvious that abortions' impact on our social and political system reflects our short-sightedness; and the loss of innocent life reflects our culture's self-centeredness and lack of respect for a basic God-given fundamental and inalienable right.

Our creator knew that we would harm ourselves whenever we tamper with the natural law, which includes the right to life.

Alice Kenat


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