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Letter: Punish bad ATV users, not all of them

Letter: Punish bad ATV users, not all of them


I am writing this letter on behalf of all ATV groups and private ATVers alike about closing trails to ATVs.

I doubt that my opinion or any other group's opinions matter. I am old and crippled up, so I need to use an ATV to see my world I've worked so damn hard for. I'm tired of a handful of left-wing, government, college-educated, environmental ideologists who can tell the Forest Service and other groups what to do.

I admit there are some bad people on each side who do damage. Hire retired individuals for each area to ride around and take videos with a telephoto lens and get plate numbers of people breaking the law. Make the fines so heavy that people will not do it again. Then use that money to pay these retired people. This could be the same system you use for maintaining the campgrounds.

This would be better than shutting down trails to us people. There is no reason this could not be done. Also a law could be passed that on a second or third offense, the ATV would be taken away.

Don Stephens



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