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Letter: Guantanamo detainees in Hardin present problem

Letter: Guantanamo detainees in Hardin present problem

Is Hardin ready to host a terror cell?

Upon first reading the April 23 article in The Billings Gazette regarding the Two Rivers Detention Facility in Hardin, I thought that the proposal actually made a bit of sense. I mean the location is definitely isolated, the facility is supposed to be "state of the art," and we could surely use some good paying jobs here in Montana. However, I started thinking that perhaps the Hardin City Council did not consider the full impact of this plan.

If these detainees are brought into this country and held here as prisoners, wouldn't they have some "right" to have their family near to them? I would think the ACLU or Amnesty International would likely think so. I also have no doubt that these "family members" would have no trouble obtaining the necessary visas to enter this country under the current administration.

These "family members" would be free to set up whatever type of community they please. Free to gather, free to practice their religion, free to plan the escape of the detainees. Free to set up a terror cell right here in isolated, homogenous, small-town Montana. Any attempt to monitor the activities of this group would immediately be met with cries of racism and intolerance.

Fortunately, Sens. Baucus and Tester and Rep. Rehberg vehemently oppose the idea. Denny Rehberg is working on a plan to put the facility to use and, hopefully for Hardin, he can get it done.

Kimberly King



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