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Letter: No signs of land abuse in Pryor Mountains

Letter: No signs of land abuse in Pryor Mountains

I have visited the Pryors for approximately 20 years. My father-in-law lived on the Pryors until just recently. I can honestly say that all the times we've driven around sightseeing and hunting in the Pryors, I have never noticed a bird watcher or hiker, not saying that they don't exist.

Since it seems that the so-called naturalist wants to limit vehicle access, will they be starting their hiking and bird watching on foot from the highway and not use any of the roads available on the Pryors?

I lived in Alaska for 20 some years. The Pryor and Beartooths are comparable or greater in beauty than those in Alaska. The biggest drawback in Alaska was the limited accessibility. If you didn't own a plane, you were out of luck.

Oh, by the way, I think I may have seen a bird watcher this fall by the Dry Head end outside of Warren. You know the type - baggy safari type clothes, granny glasses and a foreign car.

In closing, I have never seen any signs of abuse by vehicles or noisy activities other than the whining from the anti-hunters.

Phil Lambert



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