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Government works, and it’s doing so now

Government works, and it’s doing so now

Ralph Nader's father asked his family at supper, "Do you know why capitalism will always survive?" His answer, "Because socialism will always bail it out." Just like now! Our capitalists' greedy deregulation brought America and the world to meltdown. Now socialist government tries to bail us out! Yes.

Republicans demonize government, saying it doesn't work. But it does! Social Security and Medicare may be inadequate, but they keep American seniors out of poverty. They are government works.

President Lincoln said, "Government should only do what the people aren't able to do for themselves." Our roads, bridges and sidewalks are government works! So are police, postal service, military, libraries and public schools. Our city councils, county commissioners, courts, senators and representatives, governors and presidents are government works.

So let's urge that "Medicare for all" may soon pass in Congress. Get insurance profits out of health care.

In spite of human failures which plague our private enterprises also, government works! Thank God! So cheer up. After our government stimulus begins to kick in and our production improves, we may once again dream of being fat capitalists.

Go, Obama. Yes, we can!

Vern L. Klingman



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