My husband and I run a consulting business in Bozeman. Nineteen years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, and then two years later with recurrent cancer. I have had many difficulties with my health insurance over the years and thus am excited for the newly passed health care reform.

At one point we could not find new insurance because of my pre-existing condition. We finally found a provider and paid our premiums. But months later the insurer suddenly rescinded my insurance! This caused great distress as I was gravely ill and facing surgery.

Under the new health care reform, others will be spared such emotional trials. Already, reform has helped our small business. As of Jan. 1, because of health care reform, for the first time in our 11 years, our company was able to shop for insurance (14 choices!) and offer group health insurance. Our employees now have better coverage than before, with $500 deductibles rather than the previous $5,000, all for similar premium costs.

Happily, we can now count on affordable care as part of everyday life. Health care reform's federal tax credits (35 percent of premium costs) make the premium costs affordable to our company. And with reform, the insurance cannot be dropped.

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I am worried when I hear threats of repeal that I may have my health insurance rescinded again or might not be able to shop for insurance on the competitive market. I also might be forced to close my small business as I can't afford health insurance.

Katie Gibson


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