Kathleen Meyer

Kathleen Meyer


My mailbox is choking on large, slick mailers from the Gianforte campaign that rip Rob Quist limb from limb with lies.

This type of campaign flogging is so poisonous. So dispiriting. Making me wonder, Will we, as a country, be able to remain, by the current slimmest of threads, tethered to the likelihood of reconstructing a democracy? We don’t have one now. Obscenely wealthy individuals and corporations preposterously endowed with the rights of human beings are in charge. Our elections are ever more fiercely bought. Small-dollar donors stretched beyond imagining. Legitimate votes of the poor, elderly, and work-harried vigorously suppressed. In this teetering condition, we are but one fake news terrorist attack from full-throttle dictatorship.

The RNC needs a primer on kindness and integrity, the DNC a come-to-Jesus stare in the mirror. The only aspect of government working well is the grassroots. Praises be, for the grand GRASSROOTS! Yet we need to pay attention: should we lose an open, level Internet (the next thing coming under attack in Congress), any people-organizing will be finished.

What’s at stake is decidedly more than the good life down the road for our children and grandchildren; it is life itself, and today.

Get involved! Write! March! We can wear out shoes now, or later face something much rougher and tougher.

And Vote! March to your polling station on May 25 (a Thursday). Cast a vote for Montana’s native son Rob Quist, who is no puppet and, I’m quite certain, will never make music with Nancy Pelosi. Quist possesses a heartening soundness in spirit and soul, a deep-rooted determination to speak for landscape and people, and the courage to stand up to money-fueled poison.

Kathleen Meyer



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