Politicians turn back time

Politicians turn back time


Is this really 2017, or are we back decades ago? There was the Berlin wall which divided people and families. It was a joyous time when the wall came down. Now we are looking at a wall along the U.S./Mexico border which for some U.S. citizens will divide their family, home and business.

Decades ago, people and cities worked hard to clean the air and water from pollution. Lead was removed from products as people, especially children were dying from lead poisoning. Now lead has been reintroduced in bullets thanks to Ryan Zinke. Oil pipelines placed under water increases the risk of pollution — the pipeline burst under the Yellowstone River, the Valdez and Gulf oil spill. Do politicians not remember or not care of the effect on wildlife and the environment as it does not affect them directly?

Drilling for oil in the Last Great Refuge on Earth — the Arctic Circle in Alaska; killing hibernating bears. Really. Who would kill a defenseless animal? When God created the great flood, he asked Noah to build an ark for himself, his family and the animals — two by two, they came. Everyone else was destroyed.

Nutritional requirements are being reversed in school. Many children may receive their only nutritional meal in school.

All living creatures need clean air, clean water and nourishing food to live. Is turning over the policies of the previous administration really worth more than the lives of people? Or even more than the world God created? I think not.

Maryann Farris-Sattler

Lame Deer


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