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I attended the candidate forum referred to in John Gibson's recent letter. I was surprised when no Republican made an appearance, even though they had been invited for over a month. That is, surprised until I reviewed the Montana Sportsmen Alliance web site, where the scorecard showing how legislators voted on six of the worst bills important to Montana hunters and fishermen during the last legislative session is posted.

Here's how some of our local Republicans voted on these bills such as HB 309, which would have gutted our stream access law, or HB 209, which would have removed funding for the Habitat Montana program, funded entirely by sportsmen's dollars. The votes on all six can be downloaded at: Click on MSA-PAC. Click on Election, click on MSA Scorecard and click to download. A score of 0 means that the legislator voted against resident sportsmen on all six major bills. One hundred percent means that the legislator voted for Montana sportsmen on all six bills. All votes are the final vote on third reading.

Following are the scores of our local legislators:

In the Senate (by percent):

Brown: 0

Essmann: 25

Walker: 0

In the House (by percent):

Kary: 25

Arntzen: 25

McGillvray: 0

Smith: 25

Peterson: 0

Kennedy: 25

Roberts: 50

Just for your information, every local Democrat in either chamber had a score of 75 percent or higher. So guess who is really supporting your opportunities to hunt and fish?

Tim Peterson