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I am formerly of Billings. Unfortunately, I now live in Sheridan, Wyo., but not for long. And here is why. The state of Wyoming commonly keeps innocent people in jail here to wait for court-ordered mental-health evaluations to be done by the State Hospital. It typically takes the State Hospital three to four months to complete one mental-health evaluation.

The penal system here makes big federal dollars off each inmate. So, the longer it takes the State Hospital to get the evaluation done isn’t of any concern to lawmakers here. The federal dollars help pay for their jails. So, they actually like the State Hospital to be as slow as possible.

Of course the reply I received from the Wyoming State Hospital is that their psychologists are all drastically overworked and the State of Wyoming cannot afford to hire more psychologists, so there is no humanly possible way they can get these evaluations done in a timely manner.

My innocent fiance has been incarcerated at Sheridan County jail since Oct. 22, 2009. He has not been charged with anything because he didn’t do anything. He hasn’t even been fingerprinted, because he hasn’t done anything. The state psychologist informed him he was sane. Hey, we already knew that. But she won’t have time to get the report in soon. Maybe he will be out for Christmas, maybe not. She says she is just so overworked that she can’t get these reports done in a timely manner. They don’t care here.

Melanie Biscoe

Sheridan, Wyo.


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