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Maybe it is just me, but considering our economic woes, the history of how well government agencies use our money and an obvious lack of common sense, the plan to purchase the Gainan’s building and adding to it for our “new library” fits the scenario for an episode of the “Twilight Zone.”

Here’s a thought. Almost exactly in the center of town lies an empty building with an enormous parking lot, that, with considerably less than the $15-20 million our city leaders would like to spend on the fantasy downtown building, could be transformed into a gem. I am speaking about the old Gibson’s building.

Think of the amenities: abundant parking, massive floor space all on one level, city bus service, easily accessed by the handicapped and probably dozens of possible floor plans to suit any layout design. What is it Realtors say? Location, location, location. How convenient to have the library in the center of the city.

Speak up now, silent majority. This could work.

Laura Steinmetz


Editor’s note: The Library Board is withdrawing its recommendation to purchase the Gainan’s property.


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