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Of all the many recent, absurd statements made by our politicians, one that struck a powerful chord with me was a reference to the Republican Party as the party of “no.”  I’m not a Republican, but what was unsettling to me about this was that I didn’t hear any prominent Republicans respond to the slam by simply saying, “Thank you for the compliment!”  Instead, I heard them anxiously recite their own litany of solutions to our current economic dilemma, as though they were ashamed for any possibility that the “no” charge was legit.  May I suggest that “no” may perhaps be an appropriate word for us to use at this time?

Like 2-year-old children who keep demanding and demanding until they get their way, “we the people” are becoming coddled brats who expect the government to fix everything for us, even when the “fix” is unaffordable, creates problems greater than those supposedly being solved and, worst of all, subverts our own moral strength and individualism.

“Party of ‘no’?”  Really?  I’ll join that party, when and if the Republicans stop denying it and, instead, claim it with pride as a more-than-appropriate word for our times.  It is time for “no.”  Let’s shout it from the rooftops:  No more spending, no more programs, no more expansion of government until we produce the money to pay for it.

“No” is a good and necessary word.  Let’s teach it to our leaders.

Russell White



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