We don't need another millionaire in Congress

We don't need another millionaire in Congress


The day after the election, the day after a candidate body slammed a reporter, the day after another millionaire will have the pleasure of walking the hallowed halls of America's government, the day after the millionaire joins the club of Captains of Capitalism.

It's been obvious that Montana has been a bastion of Republicanism for many years. And that's fine. However, this is not the time in history that another millionaire club member is allowed access to our government. This is the day after the election that Americans should stop and consider what it is we are doing to our country and our relations around the world. This is the day after the election we must seriously accept the fact that this is indeed a global village and what happens in our Congress can have repercussions around the world.

This day after the election sit back and remember what has been going on in Washington since Jan. 21, 2017, and putting aside political parties, think about the realities of what has been done to our health care, think what has been done to our national monuments, think what has been done to our international relations around the world, think what is being said and done in Washington, and then think about why you would want to send another Republican to the club of wealth that has become our government.

And if you can think about these things objectively, then I suggest you might want to apologize to Rob Quist and the Americans who were counting on you to do the right thing.

Note: Yes, I live in Kentucky, but I was born and raised in Eastern Montana, and my roots are still there.

Ted Green

Lexington, Kentucky


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