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Our readers speak out

Von Eitzen defender misstates judgmentMr.

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Bloom’s recent opinion letter (June 24 about Wolfgang von Eitzen’s deportation) became the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Mr. Bloom is misinformed in regard to the judge’s decision in our 1995 divorce. Wolfgang kept his business and I kept mine. His business failure was more likely caused by his reputation and the fact that he “dedicated” all his time to local school politics. Now why should you believe me? Check the local records — they are open to the public.

Christine Kerr Odessa, TexasNo sign of help for Doyle RoadWhere is Doyle Road? That probably is what people would say if they were looking for Doyle Road. The Doyle Road sign has been gone for about a year or so. We have made several requests by telephone to get it replaced, but so far nothing has been done. Now, you need to understand that we “navigate” by these road signs! Example: “We live three-quarters of a mile past Doyle Road” or “Turn on Doyle road to get to our house.” No wonder we haven’t had much company lately.

However, one of our fine neighbors took a piece of wood, painted Doyle Road on it with a quaint arrow, and hung it on the post. Honestly, we applaud the effort! Now I realize it is a busy time of year, but all we ask is to replace a county road sign. These roads are to be maintained, and the small community of people that live on Doyle Road would very much appreciate it.

Harlan and Luanne Mauch ShepherdFalls should say no to gas power plantGreat Falls should say no to the new gas power plant. 400 tons of pollutants per year with an old technology accelerating global warming is unacceptable.

Promoters talk additional tax base, jobs (some anyway), and that we need the power because prices will go up when dereg completely fazes out next year.

How can Montana be short of power when only half of the power we currently produce in this state is used here?

What we need is to control the power we have before it leaves the state making outrageous profits for the power brokers.

Some better solutions:

1. A share in the windfall profits made by those producing power in this state. An excess profits tax of 90 percent was considered and dismissed by the Legislature in the last day deal made with the power companies. Moneys generated from this method could be used to guarantee reasonable power rates for small consumers with enough left over for our schools.

2. Why not attach windmills to the new generators promoters propose. Sweden has created many new jobs in renewable, clean wind power generation. The technology exists and would keep rivers edge trail, the river, and those downwind free of pollution caused by the proposed gas plant.

It is long past time that we require our leaders to consider us first rather than the power companies which have their ears and pocketbooks. They should admit that dereg was wrong for Montana and unplug it.

Stuart F. Lewin Great Falls