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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Hart tells MSU-Billings history story well I would like to say thank you and congratulations to Sue Hart, professor of English at MSU-Billings, for the wonderful job she has done in telling the story of the first 75 years of MSU-Billings (formerly Eastern Montana College).

My husband and I visited the display of the history of the college at the Western Heritage Center twice. The last time I took my camera. Since my interest in the college is from the beginning in 1927 until 1970, I was amazed at all the early history Sue provided about the early "pioneers" who worked so hard to make the college what it is today.

Thanks to Sue for a job well done.

Jackie Bjorgum


Bible clearly states resurrection teaching Pastor Meyer's article, "Hope lives on in Easter story," (April 20 Gazette) at the least, minimizes the bodily resurrection of Jesus, if not flat out denying it. He replaces the reality of Christ's resurrection with an idea of his resurrection.

Pastor Meyer's thoughts in his article are just that, his thoughts. They are not what holy scripture teaches, nor are they the faith of Christ's church. It does matter what we say about the resurrection, for if Christ is not raised, then we Christians are the biggest fools of all and our faith is in vain, and we are still in our sins.

Jesus showed himself bodily to his disciples on many occasions, as is recorded by the gospel writers, and as St. Paul wrote in his first letter to the Corinthians, the 15th chapter. Pastor Meyer needs to read his Bible.

The truth is, Jesus Christ did rise from the dead. By his death our sins are forgiven, and by his resurrection we have the promise that we too shall be raised and live eternally. This is the good news of Easter, and this good news is for all people to cling to and believe.

Pastor Meyer doesn't have to "wonder what (he's) supposed to believe about Easter," nor does he need to place doubt in the hearts and minds of true believers as to what holy scripture teaches, and what Christ's church believes, teaches and confesses regarding the resurrection of Jesus. Holy scripture is clear.

The "Easter story" is more than just a story, it is the real bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead for the forgiveness of sins and the life and salvation of the world. Thanks be to God.

The Rev. Douglas S. Thompson

St. Paul's Evangelical

Lutheran Church, U.A.C.

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Park City

Liberty extends to employer choices The very word America stands for liberty of the individual. Liberty to live how and where we choose. To agree or disagree as we choose. To come and go as we choose. To believe as we choose. And yes to work where we choose. Americans are obsessed with liberty. We will go to any length, suffer any cost and fight to the death to defend, protect and preserve it. Liberty is the pulsating heart of this land we call America.

That said, I would speak to those who are in the process of suing the Wal-Mart Corporation for discrimination. In America, believe it or not, employers and employees are on a par in the liberty department.

Employees have the liberty to be in the employ of whom they consider best fits their needs. Employers, on the other hand, have the liberty to hire whom they feel best fits their needs.

Employees who are unhappy with company promotion policies have the liberty to seek employment elsewhere. Employers have the liberty to hire and promote whom they consider best suited for the company.

Contrary to popular belief, employers are not in business for the benefit of the employee. Employees are hired for the benefit of the employer. Employees are hired to assist the company to make a profit. Employers pay salaries, insurance and side benefits. Few companies in Billings match the benefits of Wal-Mart employees.

I hate to bust your bubble people, but longevity is not the basis for promotion.

George E. Sexton


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