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Our readers speak out

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Absarokee teachers clean up community On May 2, Friday afternoon after school, the Absarokee teachers cleaned the Absarokee-Columbus highway. Many bags of trash were collected from Absarokee to the halfway house.

Thanks to all of these people. After a hard week's work doing a great job of teaching our children, these special folks are out on a beautiful afternoon (when they could be doing their own yard work) doing a pretty dirty job. I also noticed teachers with their classes in tow going around town during the day with trash bags. Our town looks pretty darn good too. Thanks, kids and teachers.

An 'A' to the cars that actually slowed down for the teachers.

An 'F' to the cars that failed to slow down.

Maybe next year (did you know they do this every year?) a "Slow — Teachers at Work" sign can be posted. Just to be on the safe side. Maybe our county MHP could be on hand, too. Just a thought.

Cindy Kissler


West music students show excellence The West High Music Showcase performed at Alberta Bair Theater was excellent.

The students were professional in their presentation and behavior. The parents and teachers can be proud of these talented young people. I urge the community to continue to support this high quality effort.

They were outstanding!

Marlehna Harper