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Our readers speak out

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Government incurs costs we can't afford Years ago someone wrote a book entitled "Ugly American." Today I think someone should write one entitled "Lame Brain American." Apparently, I am a "Lame Brain American" since instead of cheering each time a politician calls for yet another tax cut, I keep asking myself "lame-brain questions" such as:

Can we really afford that?

What services do we currently have that we will lose?

Is it really true that under President Reagan, we tripled the national debt by applying the so-called "supply side" economics?

If the pending tax cuts by our federal government really become reality, what will happen to our national debt?

Do we really want to pass on an excessive national debt to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc.? Somewhere there is an echo in my ear from the past that said "to create a debt for our off-springs is really not a good thing."

Furthermore, if we continue the tax cut practices, we won't have to worry about our educational system and the so-called child who is left behind, because we will leave them all behind.

I am grateful for the fact that our state government can't create a deficit for posterity, or under the leadership of the last several years, our state debt would likely pale our national debt.

Lame brain logic? Perhaps so, but I guess I am just a lame-brained American who is of the opinion that if we are to enjoy the services we currently have, we have to pay the freight!

Roy E. Williams