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Our readers speak out

Thanks for sponsoring Science Bowl C.M. Russell High School from Great Falls represented the state of Montana at the Department of Energy National Science Bowl in Washington, D.C., on May 1-5. The C.M. Russell High School team was the first place winner of the Big Sky Regional Science Bowl held in Billings on Feb. 1. The second-place winner was Fergus High School from Lewistown, and Skyview High School from Billings placed third.

The Science Bowl exhibits the depth of knowledge our young people have in math and the sciences, their positive outlook for the future and the impact of educators in their lives.

Sponsors for the competition include the Western Area Power Administration, SSR Engineers, PPL Montana, NorthWestern Energy, CRM Inc., Sheridan College, KOA Kampgrounds, First Citizens Bank, Upper Missouri C&I Electric Cooperative, Billings Federal Credit Union, HKM Engineering, Rocky Mountain College, American Title & Escrow, Holy Rosary Healthcare, Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative, Pepsi, Costco and Office Max. These sponsors and volunteers all recognize the value of our youth who will contribute greatly to the future.

We thank our supporters.

C. J. Armstrong and Cheryl Jones

2003 Big Sky Regional Science Bowl Co-Coordinators


Martz good advocate for businesses Our state has the good fortune to experience the leadership of a governor who is straightforward, focused and dedicated to preserving her campaign pledge to the people of Montana. Gov. Martz is rarely applauded for appointing directors of state agencies who are highly talented and responsive professionals. They are accomplishing her mission of making government more efficient by streamlining bureaucracy and doing more with less.

During the recent legislative session, the governor stood firm as an advocate for taxpayers and small businesses. Her pro-business stance is refreshing and encouraging to Montana businesses and prospective entrepreneurs.

Construction remains one of the bright spots in Montana's economy, and we credit Martz for trying to ensure the political landscape is conducive to economic growth in the future. She has stood her ground where others would have folded. Thank you, governor.

Jan Livesay, President

Montana Contractors' Association

Great Falls

WMD not only reason Iraq war justified I fear Sid Neff is afflicted with the Kitty Genovese Syndrome. Remember her? In 1964, 38 people stood by and watched as she was murdered over an hour as she was repeatedly stabbed. Not one person lifted a finger to assist her or even call the police. This nation was rightfully ashamed and horrified at the callous, uncaring attitude of the witnesses.

Saddam's possession of weapons of mass destruction issue may have made the invasion of Iraq more imperative, but it was not the sole moral justification for removing him and his regime. Their existence was but one of many moral reasons to depose the dictator and his omnipresent killers.

Every human being in this world has the inalienable right to live in freedom, dignity and without terror. Saddam's torture chambers, the mass graves, the gassing of tens of thousands of Iraqi and Iranian citizens, public executions, family members being "disappeared" in the middle of the night and his attempts to develop nuclear and biological weapons for use against his opponents are ample testament to his evil subjugation of the 26 million Iraqis and his threat to world peace. They are ample moral justification for the war without WMD.

For the U.N., individual nations or individuals to stand by and allow those things to continue when they can do something to stop them is immoral. It is the international equivalent of the Kitty Genovese travesty. While it may not be economically or physically possible to free every people similarly subjugated, the morality of doing so is crystal clear.

All honorable and caring people should sincerely have peace as their primary goal. But a peace at any price only brings terror, misery, humiliation and the peace of the grave.

Doug Dills


'Doonesbury' ought to be stripped out "Doonesbury" has got to go. Not only is Mr. Trudeau stuck in the Sixties, but he has become shrill to the level where even the most liberal Democrats must be plugging their ears. Does The Gazette actually pay him to put his political advertisements in The Gazette?

Steve Holle