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A rarity: Mountain lion family in Montana caught on camera in 2021, and again in 2022

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Mountain lion family in 2021:

Swan Valley Connections, a nonprofit in Montana, captured this rare wildlife scene on their cameras in 2021. According to a post from the organization: "Unlike many other species in our area, mountain lions can get pregnant at any time of year; they don't have a speific breeding season. In Montana, most lions give birth between May and October, with most kittens arriving in August. Litter sizes range between 1-6 kittens, with 3 being the average size in our area. Mountain lion kittens have a 66% chance of survival before they turn 6 months old, making the average survival rate 1 kitten per litter. After 6 months, that rate jumps to 95%." (video courtesy of Wan Valley Connections)

Mountain lion family in 2022:

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Swan Valley Connections, a non-profit organization situated in Montana's scenic Swan Valley, captured this rare scene on camera. According to the organization's social media post: It's not often that we see a mountain lion with four healthy, dispersing-aged (~18 mo. old) kittens. These large cats have average territories of about 100 square miles, but their range is really driven by terrain and prey. In our area, average ranges are smaller, and these territories restrict even more in the winter, as our ungulates gather down on the valley bottom and travel around much less. (Video courtesy of Swan Valley Connections)

Swan Valley Connections, a Montana nonprofit, captured rare footage of a mountain lion family of five. The group was first seen in 2021 and were spotted again this year. 

According to a social media post from the organization, "We're happy to say that we saw this family on our cameras again this past year [in 2022], and all four kittens were fully grown! Not only did mama raise a larger-than-average-litter, but she kept her kittens safe and alive all the way to their dispersal age (of around 18 months)."

The trail camera footage was captured and edited by Luke Lamar with Swan Valley Connections. 

For the month of November, the organization is hosting its Wild for Wildlife Match Campaign with Cinnabar Foundation. To learn more, visit their social media page


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