A Stockman Bank employee is accused of stealing a woman’s identity, illegally transferring money between two customer accounts and laundering tens of thousands of dollars.

Shawn Al Logan is charged in a 10-count indictment with aggravated identity theft, money laundering and bank embezzlement.

Logan is identified by federal prosecutors as a Stockman Bank employee. The bank did not immediately respond to a request for Logan’s dates of employment or other questions.

In five transactions between Feb. 5 and March 29, 2018, prosecutors alleging aggravated identity theft of an unnamed woman say Logan made internal transfers from one customer account to another, totaling $176,500.

It was not immediately clear whether the woman was a customer of the bank, another employee or some other party.

Logan obtained the money through bank embezzlement between September 2017 and April 2018, charges state.

Logan then made four transactions depositing $134,000 in two American Express accounts between Feb. 8 and April 4, 2018, according to the money laundering charges.

If convicted on all counts, Logan faces more than $1 million in possible fines and up to 82 years in prison. The identity theft charge carries a mandatory minimum of two years in prison.

Logan has not yet been arraigned.

The indictment was unsealed in U.S. District Court on Thursday.

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