Credit card

The Billings Police Department is warning residents about a crush of credit card fraud reports and urging them to report unauthorized purchases.

Since July 1, the department has received “about” 45 fraud reports, the department wrote in a post on Facebook. Monday alone saw “about” 19 of them.

The department believes someone is using a credit card skimmer to copy card information and pin numbers, the post states. All those who contacted the department were still in possession of their cards.

“The suspect then uses the cloned card at gas station ATMs to withdraw low amounts,” the department wrote. “Since the amounts are low, many people may not make a report to police and just protest the charges with the card company.”

The department has no suspect information to release but is working to develop leads, it said.

The department is asking anyone who sees unauthorized purchases on their cards to make a police report by calling 657-8200.

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