GLEN ULLIN, N.D. — A 34-year-old western North Dakota woman is facing seven felony charges and one misdemeanor charge after she said she was "going to go on a murdering spree," according to a probable cause affidavit.

Trista Reynolds, 34, of Glen Ullin was charged in Morton County District Court Wednesday, Oct. 31, with three counts of terrorizing, child neglect or abuse, child neglect, simple assault and preventing arrest or discharge of other duties, all felonies. Reynolds was also charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

A judge set Reynolds' bond at $10,000 and was ordered to have no contact with her three children and to cooperate with social services.

According to a Morton County Sheriff's Office affidavit:

On the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 30, Reynolds called the sheriff's office and spoke with a local deputy to ask for assistance in taking over the Mandan Police Department and the Bismarck Police Department's investigation because she was not happy with how a 2015 investigation was handled where she claimed her children were kidnapped.

Later that day, Reynolds placed a series of threatening phone calls.

The first was a call to a local elementary school where Reynolds asked the receptionist if they could handle a bomb threat. The receptionist then asked if she was serious, then Reynolds hung up the phone. After Reynolds' phone call, the school was evacuated.

Following the school threat, Reynolds then placed a call to the Oliver/Mercer County dispatch stating she knew where four Mercer County deputies lived and would kill them.

Reynolds then proceeded to leave a voice message with Morton County Social Services asking: "If I were to threaten to kill kids, would CPS and law enforcement get involved?" Reynolds, who identified herself in the voice message, then went on to say in the message that, "I am going to go on a murdering spree."

Officers then attempted to conduct a welfare check of the children living in Reynolds' home, but the woman told officers that "you are not coming in through this door into my apartment." A search warrant was then served.

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In an attempt to arrest Reynolds, an officer was bit in the upper arm, causing severe pain. She also attempted to kick an officer in the groin and continued to bite the officer until a Taser was used on her.

Upon being escorted to a police vehicle, Reynolds attempted to spit on an officer, spit on the interior window of the transport vehicle and attempted to kick out the windows.

During the search of Reynolds' home, officers found three children, ages 3, 2, and 1, inside the home, which was in disarray and had a strong, foul odor.

Among the discoveries by police during the search of the home included a mouse trap on the microwave near a bag of bread, dishes stacked on the counter, oven and in the sink, miscellaneous items of boxes, strollers, vehicle seat, cooler and other things blocking one exit/entrance to the door and a dirty diaper on a TV stand.

Police also noticed a 3-year-old child with a swollen lip with fresh blood in the mouth and a tooth pushed back into the mouth. When questioned by police about the child's injury, Reynolds replied, "I don't know."

All three children were transported to Morton County Social Services. When asked by social services how the injury occurred, the child continually said "mama hit."

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