Donald Edward Partridge


Prosecutors will seek 10 years in a state-run facility for the 74-year-old man who stabbed a grocery shopper in the downtown Albertsons one morning in April.

Donald Edward Partridge pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon on Aug. 9 in Yellowstone County District Court. Under a plea deal, prosecutors will ask the judge to sentence Partridge to 10 years with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. 

Partridge approached a 43-year-old woman who was shopping in the meat department at Albertsons, 611 North 27th St., on April 23. Partridge asked for the time and then punched the woman in the stomach, she said.

She did not immediately realize she had been stabbed and asked Partridge why he punched her. He replied that he had not punched her but stabbed her, charges state.

While police were transporting Partridge to jail, he admitted to the stabbing and said he’d done it because he “does not understand Billings and he is unhappy with the VA and his living conditions,” charges state.

The woman was treated at the Billings Clinic emergency room for her wounds.

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