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Michelle Gable in court

Michelle Gable's request for a bond reduction was denied Thursday by District Judge Kathy Seeley. Gable claims she is not getting adequate care in the Bozeman detention facility where she was transported in recent months so she could recieve better medical attention.

HELENA -- A district court judge vehemently denied a bond reduction for accused double murderer Michelle Coller Gable on Thursday afternoon.

Gable asked the court to lower her bond from $250,000 to $100,000 in hopes that she could be released to a convalescence home for treatment of ongoing health issues and injuries incurred in a suicide attempt.

Judge Kathy Seeley informed Gable that the charges against her — two counts of deliberate homicide — are very serious and that she remains a danger to society.

“Look, Ms. Gable, your self-inflicted wounds here are not really moving me to reduce your bond,” Seeley told Gable, who threw herself off a second-story rail while at the local county jail.

“You’re injuring yourself,” Seeley continued. “That doesn’t give me confidence that you’re a stable person that can be let out into the community.”

Gable is accused of shooting her estranged husband who had just filed for divorce days before the October 2011 incident during which she also is believed to have murdered his acquaintance, Sunday Bennett.

Gable suffered a broken heel and cracked vertebrae in her suicide attempt while at Lewis and Clark County Detention Center. After spending a week in the hospital, she was transferred to Gallatin County jail, which has more advanced medical offerings.

Gable, donning an orange jumpsuit, was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair. She told the judge that her condition is worsening due to her being jailed.

“I don’t feel I am getting proper medical care. I feel I need to be in a rehabilitation center,” a teary-eyed Gable told the court.

Gable’s attorney Randi Hood said the distance to the Gallatin County jail is causing a hardship in putting together her client’s defense. The case is set for trial in January 2013.

Gable’s competency to stand trial remains under scrutiny. After one psychological evaluation deemed Gable not competent to stand trial, her attorney requested that Gable be ordered to the Montana State Hospital. Another psychologist agreed upon by both the defense and prosecution has evaluated Gable, but the report is not yet finalized.

Gable, who pleaded not guilty to both charges, has alluded to an argument of self-defense.

The morning of the shooting at a Cutler Street apartment, Joseph Gable called 911 and stated, “My wife shot me.”

Responding police found him lying on the ground with gunshot wounds.

Officers found Bennett dead in the apartment.

Gable also was at the home when officers arrived.