For the second time since Feb. 5, treacherous roads kept a large load of hay for between 60 and 70 Carbon County horses in need of food from arriving but didn't keep volunteers from getting them enough to last a few more days.

About a half-dozen volunteers unloaded 6,600 pounds, or more than three tons, of hay for the horses, which are on a property between Bridger and Fromberg, said Diane Zook, executive director of the Beartooth Humane Alliance.

"The horses that we were allowed to see, they were all very busily munching away," she said.

The BHA has been organizing aid efforts since Carbon County Attorney Alex Nixon said in early February that his office is investigating the starving horses. No charges had been filed as of Wednesday, but Nixon said earlier in the week that they could come soon.

Volunteers hoped to bring about 28 tons of hay to the horses on Feb. 5, but a snowstorm and icy roads kept them from bringing more than a few tons out.

Roads in the area surrounding Roberts, where much of the hay is coming from, were "impassable" for the large equipment needed to haul the hay, Zook said.

"Unfortunately, again the weather has spoiled it," she said. "We really won't know (when the roads will clear) until the next day or two. I'm on standby mode too."

If the weather continues to keep the full load of hay from arriving, the BHA is working on a handful of backup plans.

Zook said it was difficult to tell on Wednesday how underfed some of the horses are because their coats are so long. Volunteers who delivered hay last week said the thinnest and worst off were mares and foals in a pen away from public sight on the property.

For information on how to help, call the Beartooth Humane Alliance at 406-446-3500.

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