Dozens of residents in the Dillman Road area of the Bull Mountains stared in terror from the Branding Iron Saloon parking lot Tuesday as the Dahl fire engulfed the mountainside — until the fire, pushed by 55 mph winds, crossed the road and headed straight for the saloon.

ROUNDUP — Still reeling from the loss of their home in the Bull Mountains south of Roundup, Jackie and Roy Peterson haven’t decided what to do next — build a new home or settle for a manufactured one.

But there's one thing Jackie does know: “We will rebuild and we’re going to build right back where it was.”

The retired couple bought their home in the trees just six months ago after moving from California. Jackie and Roy, who was born in Hardin, spent most of their lives on the West Coast but visited family in Montana often.

ROUNDUP — When mega disaster struck Musselshell County for the second time in two years, community volunteers didn’t waste a lot of time organizing a response.

Structure set in place in the aftermath of two record floods in 2011 was already up and running. Everyone knew the drill.

“All of our volunteers are talking about how great this community is,” said American Red Cross spokeswoman Daphne Hart from Santa Anna, Calif. “Everybody is using words like extraordinary and amazing. Someone said it should be a blueprint for every community.”

The head of the U.S. Small Business Administration says low-interest loans will be offered to qualifying residents and business owners affected by the Dahl fire near Roundup.