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Attorney General Tim Fox told Montana Republicans Friday that a “war on women” is taking place, but it’s not the war that Democrats accuse Republicans of waging.

“One slogan that irks me is the ‘war on women,” Fox said at a breakfast hosted by the Montana Federation of Republican Women. “We hear this tossed around quite a bit, almost always thrown at Republicans when we fight to defend the unborn, traditional marriage and the sanctity of the family, or the conscience rights of taxpayers who don’t want to be forced to pay for abortion and contraception.”

Fox, who is Montana’s chief legal and law enforcement officer, said there is a real war on women, “but it’s not the one that political hacks and talking heads prattle on about.”

“The real war on women is waged against our young women kidnapped or lured into slavery and human trafficking,” Fox said.

Slavery and sex trafficking is a $32-billion-per-year industry and is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, he said. News reports estimate that nearly 30 million people are enslaved worldwide, Fox said, while some 300,000 children in the United States are trafficked for sex yearly. The average age of girls forced into sex is between 12 and 14, he said.

“As a father and grandfather of girls, that’s absolutely horrifying to me,” Fox said. “As a law enforcement official, it’s unacceptable.”

Fox said the real war on women is being waged by what he called “the abortion industry.”

“It’s a well-financed special interest that fights to preserve taxpayer-funded subsidies,” he said. “In the United States today, more than 3,000 children are aborted every day,” Fox said. “How many of those are girls? These children are the most vulnerable, the most defenseless among us, and they’re killed in the womb.”

The attorney general said “the abortion industry” in Montana “is spending considerable time and resources trying to overturn Montana laws requiring that parents be notified and give consent before their daughter has an abortion.”

Fox called that “a war on parents — on mothers —who have a legal and moral right to be involved in their lives of their children.”

“I’m happy to say as attorney general, I am vigorously defending Montana’s notification and consent laws, passed by the Legislature and the people,” Fox said.

Fox said he has always believed that a prosperous community tends to be a safer one. That’s why he said he works on the state Land Board to ensure that Montana responsibly develops its natural resources, which means more good-paying jobs for men and women in the state.

“Yet there are voices opposed to this,” he said. “Well-heeled special interest groups, many of them from out of state and funded by people who have never set foot in Montana, want our natural resources kept in the ground and our lands locked up so as to be used only by a very few.”

Fox called this a war on Montana’s working families.