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HELENA - Gov. Brian Schweitzer last week released the salaries of his Cabinet and appointed staff.

The Gazette State Bureau requested the salaries from Schweitzer, who was re-elected in November, after getting salaries in recent weeks of the appointed officials hired by the four newly elected statewide elected officials.

As governor, Schweitzer's salary of $100,121 a year is set by law through a formula that takes the average of what the governors of North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana make. The same is true for Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger's $79,007 annual salary.

Here are the annual salaries of Schweitzer's appointed staff and Cabinet members:

Governor's office staff: Bruce Nelson, chief of staff, $99,870; Hal Harper, senior policy adviser, $76,862; Ann Brodsky, attorney, $72,844; Jan Lombardi, education policy adviser, $71,280; Sarah Elliott, communications director, $71,057; Mike Volesky, natural resources policy adviser, $71,014; Eve Franklin, policy adviser on families, $65,281; Sheena Wilson, deputy chief of staff, $60,372; Patti Keebler, boards and commissions, $58,059; Cory Johns, scheduler, $53,023; Jason O'Neill, deputy communications director, $43,512; Sue Tinsley, associate policy adviser, $43,098; Anna Pichette, associate policy adviser, $41,592; Kathy van Hook, who works half to three-quarters time on constituent services, $35,119; Danielle Shyne, receptionist, $31,080; Nick Leslie, receptionist, $30,000; and Anna Green, adviser to First Lady Nancy Schweitzer, $29,010.

Lieutenant governor's office staff: Dustin de Yong, policy adviser, $38,331.

Office of Economic Development: Evan Barrett, chief business development officer, $99,999; Eric Stern senior counselor, $71,057; Chris Aageson, Lesa Evers and Pat Wise, all economic development specialists, $60,246 each; Shannon Hughes, $51,800; Jackie Williams, office manager, $42,578.

Executive residence: Jane Brophy, residence manager, $27,824.

Citizen's Advocate Office: Bob Schleicher, $47,368.

Office of Indian Affairs: Jennifer Perez-Cole, $79,416.

Mental-health ombudsman: Vacant. This office has not been filled since its former occupant, Eve Franklin, was promoted to the governor's staff as policy adviser.

Department directors: Dick Clark, chief information officer in Department of Administration, $111,623; John Walsh, adjutant general of Montana National Guard, $100,959; David Ewer, budget, $99,999; Mike Ferriter, corrections, $98,426; Tony Priete, commerce, $96,982; Ron de Yong, agriculture, $96,972; Janet Kelly, administration director, $96,967; Richard Opper, environmental quality, $96,967;

Mary Sexton, natural resources and conservation, $96,967; Dan Bucks, revenue, $96,967; Jim Lynch, transportation, $96,967; Keith Kelly, labor and industry, $96,966; Anna Whiting Sorrell, public health and human services, $96,963; Joe Maurier, fish, wildlife and parks, $96,963; George Parisot, lottery, $87,271; Christian MacKay, livestock, $75,269; Linda Carlson, community services, $73,382.