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LIBBY — Since his election to the Libby City Council two months ago, D.C. Orr has called the mayor a “fraud” and a “coward,” accused a fellow councilman of misconduct, characterized the sheriff as a “radical fringe leftist” and filed a restraining order against the town clerk.

Now Mayor Doug Roll wants him removed from the council.

In a letter to the local newspaper, Roll said he is asking the council to convene hearings “to investigate Mr. Orr for official misconduct in office for the purpose of removing him from office.”

If the council will not remove Orr, the mayor wrote, “I will begin the recall process.”

Roll’s complaint against the councilman centers on Orr’s recent filing for a restraining order against the town clerk. Orr later rescinded his request for a restraining order, just hours before a judge was to hear the case.

“It isn’t right to use the judicial system that way, to harass someone,” Roll said.

Roll said that move illustrated Orr’s tendency toward harassment. Orr “uses innuendo, fabrication, half-truths and outright lies to defame the integrity of anyone who disagrees with him or gets in his way,” Roll wrote.

Roll believes Orr filed “a false sworn statement” to procure “a bogus restraining order” and by doing so “exposed this city to serious litigation that could cost tens of thousands of dollars for harassment and a hostile work environment.”

Orr is a self-described constitutionalist and longtime government critic. He was appointed to the council last year and elected last month. He has fought to declare his county a United Nations-free zone and is embroiled in a dispute with the federal Environmental Protection Agency, which is working in town to clean asbestos contamination.

Orr said the roots of his dispute with the mayor go back to that EPA issue, which he said the mayor wants to sweep under the rug.

As to the investigative hearings Roll has requested, “he’s going to have to prove his case in court,” Orr said, adding that the mayor has “really bit off more than he can chew.”

He said the effort to remove him from the council comes from a “very, very small group of people involved in some pretty radical politics,” and said “mock trials of elected officials are the stuff of black-helicopter-loving Freemen.”

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The mayor, in turn, is confident Orr can be removed from council and said that the councilman’s “got some paranoid delusions.”

The former city mayor with whom Orr also has a dispute wrote in a letter to the local newspaper that “Mr. D.C. Orr has a long history of attacking and bullying others who disagree with him.”

Roll called Orr’s dispute with the town clerk a “vicious attack” and said the councilman has gone too far in his “zeal to expose some imagined corruption and conspiracy.”

Orr, in his own letter to the newspaper, said he was elected “fair and square,” adding “they have no business stealing your vote.”

Orr maintains that he is simply defending himself from those who are attacking him, and that he has been “under threat of violence” from city leaders.

He has pledged to answer each allegation made against him, he said, one per council meeting until he has cleared his name.

“This will take about eight months since they made so many accusations,” Orr wrote, “but at least I will have an opportunity to respond and defend my honor.”

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