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MANHATTAN — The town council has ordered Bob Perkins to find a new home for the goat that eats the weeds and grass on his front lawn.

"I can have two obnoxious dogs, but not a cute goat," Perkins said.

Mayor Tony Haag said the town of about 1,400 people is growing and cannot afford to allow one of its residents to have a goat. If it did, he said, what would stop other town residents from keeping goats, too?

An adjacent property owner recently complained about the goat, which Perkins has owned for about a year.

Initially, a police officer informed Perkins that keeping the animal in the city could be punishable by a fine and jail time.

The town council voted Tuesday night to force him to remove the goat from the city limits.

Sadie Hensler, who rents a house next to Perkins, wrote a letter to the town council saying the goat was quiet and friendly.

Harold Ralston, who works at a dog-grooming business said, "All it does is mow the lawn."

Before adopting Buddy the goat, Perkins has kept sheep on his property to keep the weeds and grass at bay. Over the years, he has had 13 different sheep, and they were all named Buddy.

"They were a real babe magnet," Perkins said. "It's the way I met half of my ex-wives."

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