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Editor's note: Wednesday's Gazette reported incomplete election results as tallies were not finished by press time. This story wraps up races throughout the region.

Carbon County

Carbon County featured several uncontested local races.

County Commissioner John E. Prinkki, who represents District 3, earned the edge over challenger Tera B. Reynolds 1,573 to 808. Both will advance to the general election.

Prior to the race for county attorney, incumbent candidate Kemp J. Wilson submitted notice of his resignation, effective June 30. Despite the move, Wilson earned 848 votes to challenger Robert Eddleman's 1,328 votes, according to final, unofficial tallies.

Justice of the Peace Johnny D. Seiffert earned 1,471 votes, while challenger Georgia J. Cady received 683; both advance to the general election.

In unopposed races, Tom Rieger will run for sheriff/coroner, Linda M. Ladvala will run for clerk and recorder/surveyor, Jane Swanson-Webb will run for treasurer/assessor and Jerry Scott will run for county superintendent of schools.

Custer County

An six-year economic development levy passed with a 57 percent approval rating, or 1,381 to 1,055, according to final, unofficial returns. Under the levy, homes valued at $50,000 will be assessed $1.57, a home valued at $100,000 will be assessed $3.14, and a $200,000 home will be assessed $6.28.

In a race for District 1 of the Board of Commissioners, Gary Matthews earned 1,819 votes, while Dennis Hirsch received 721 votes. Both advance to the general election.

In District 2, incumbent Milo D. Huber earned the lead over three challengers with 941 votes. In November, he will face off against Keith Holmlund, who earned 653. Bill C. Jones had 597 votes and Doug J. Leidholt had 411.

Incumbent Sheriff/Coroner Tony Harbaugh showed he is favored for re-election, with 1,978 votes to challenger Jeff Erlenbusch's 623 votes according to the preliminary results. Both will advance.

Among the uncontested races, Marie Wehri will run unopposed for re-election to county clerk and recorder; Garry Paul Bunke will run unopposed for county attorney; Doug Ellingson will run unopposed for county superintendent of schools and Charles Strand will run unopposed for county public administrator.

Dawson County

Republican challenger Douglas A. Buxbaum unseated County Commissioner William E. Labree, of District 3, in a 670-to-536 vote. Buxbaum will face Democratic candidate Randy Hansen in November.

Maurine Lenhardt Clerk will be running unopposed for recorder/assessor; Scott W. Herring will run unopposed for county attorney; Lance J. Silha will be unopposed for coroner; Craig J. Anderson will run unopposed for sheriff; Ed Williamson will run unopposed for justice of the peace; and Stephen Engebretson will run unopposed for superintendent of schools.

Fallon County

In Fallon County, County Commissioner Donald Reiger, of District 3, will be up for re-election as a Republican after turning back challenges by Shane D. Elmore and Marion E. Hartse. Reiger earned 449 votes, Elmore received 112 votes and Hartse received 92.

Reiger will face Democratic candidate Gene P. Domagal, who ran unopposed, and Independent candidate Dee Dee Geving, the clerk's office said.

In other races, Brenda J. Wood is running for clerk and recorder/superintendent of schools; Tim Barkley is running for sheriff/coroner; Albert R. Batterman is running for county attorney; and Anna K. Straub is running for justice of the peace.

Fergus County

Voters in Fergus County on Tuesday approved a mill levy resolution authorizing the county to raise approximately $1 million to improve the county fairgrounds.

The proposal to raise property taxes by six mills over the next 10 years earned strong approval with a 1,949-to-1,339 vote, according to final, unofficial returns.

The county's only contested race — for county superintendent of schools — ended in a tie between two runners-up. Rhonda Long received 1,511 votes, assuring her place on the general election ballot, but Lynn Russell McMillan and Terry Selph each netted 1,042 votes.

The tallies will be canvassed and, and if the totals are found to be correct, the votes will be hand-counted. If the tie is not resolved, a winner will be picked by lot.

"We'll probably pick a name out of a hat," said Rana Wichman, deputy clerk and recorder. The winner by lot will face Long in the general election.

In uncontested races, Carl Seilstad will run unopposed for county commissioner; Kathy A. Fleharty will run unopposed for re-election to clerk and recorder; Thomas L. Killham and Tom Moring will both advance to the general election for county sheriff; Richard J. Brown and Selene E. Dunn will advance to the general election for county coroner and Tomas P. Meissner will run unopposed for county attorney.

Garfield County

In Garfield County, incumbent Commissioner Phil D. Hill will face off against Jack Murnion in the general election, after the two received the highest vote totals with 115 and 239 votes, respectively. Rob Coulter, who received 78 votes, was knocked out of contention in the primary.

Running for re-election in unopposed races are Clerk and Recorder/Assessor Janet Sherer, Sheriff/Coroner Kelly Pierson, County Attorney/Public Administrator Nickolas C. Murnion and County Treasurer/Clerk of Court Jennifer L. Crawford. Justice of the Peace Arthur Gallinger is also running for re-election without opposition.

Mussellshell County

The Wednesday, June 7, Gazette edition should have stated that Musselshell County Sheriff Woodrow Weitzeil would face two opponents in the November election: Chuck Poulos and Robert Finley. Both are running as Independents, and were not on the primary ballots.

Republican John Bohlman, a candidate for county attorney in Musselshell and Golden Valley Counties, will face Kent Sipe in the general election. Sipe is running as an Independent.

Park County

Jim Durgan and Richard M. Huson will advance to the ballot in the general election for the Board of Commissioners District 1 after netting 1,703 and 1,146 votes respectively. A third candidate in the nonpartisan race, Steven J. Kelln, received 538 votes.

In the race for county sheriff, Marshal A. Lutes received 1,818 votes, while Denver Lee Cobb received 1,225 votes. Both advance to the general election. Charley Johnson received 505 votes.

In the three-way race for public administrator, the top two vote-getters were Fred Shellenberg, with 1,362 votes, and Sue A. Martin, with 1,197 votes.

In the county attorney race, Brett Daniel Linneweber received 2,057 votes, while Bruce Becker netted 1,308 votes. Both will advance to the general election.

In other unopposed elections, Denise Nelson will run for clerk and recorder, Albert C. Jenkins will run for county coroner and Harold Edward Barich will run for county superintendent of schools.

Phillips County

In Phillips County, a public safety levy passed 533-342.

The levy will raise $98,300 per year for the next eight years, with revenues going to maintain the county Public Safety Department at the current force level.

Only Republicans ran for county positions. They were Troy Blunt, for county commissioner of District B; Laurel N. Hines, for county clerk and recorder/surveyor/auditor; Thomas K. Miller, for sheriff/coroner; Edward A. Amestoy, for county attorney; Vivian Taylor, for county superintendent of schools; and Jean Mavencamp, for county treasurer/assessor.

Powder River County

Three county races were contested.

In the race for sheriff, Brett Tabolt beat fellow Republican John W. Robinson 464 to 252. In the general election, Tabolt will face Sheriff John Blain, who is running as an Independent.

Valli Gaskill and Amanda Zimmer will face off for treasurer/assessor, after earning the top two spots with 548 and 155 votes, respectively. Leslie Burley won 104 votes.

Incumbent Justice of the Peace Kay Rexford was ousted in a three-way race with two challengers. She received 107 votes, while Catherine Landa received 414 votes and Rebecca McEwen received 295 votes.

Stillwater County

A proposed mill levy for prisoner care and public safety failed 964 to 1,149. The levy would have raised $180,000 annually for six years for a newly created fund for prisoner care, and $60,000 annually for six years to hire and maintain an addition deputy sheriff.

Sheriff/Coroner Cliff Brophy easily turned back a challenge by fellow Republican candidate Bob Cressman, in a 1,177 to 436 vote. No Democrat has filed in the race.

In the race for treasurer, Beverly McCurry beat out Republican challenger Roberta Pulse in a 932 to 488 vote. McCurry will face Democratic candidate K.C. Atkinson in the general election.

Justice of the Peace Marilyn Kober received 1,587 votes, while challenger Tonya D. House received 680. Both will advance to the general election.