Montanans all over the region woke up to subzero temperatures Tuesday morning, with little relief expected this afternoon.

At 7 a.m. Tuesday, Matt Solum with the National Weather Service said temperatures were pretty much at their coldest, with the potential of dropping during the final hour or two around sunrise. As of 7 a.m., temperatures around Montana were:

Baker: minus 22

Billings: minus 15

Livingston: minus 19

Miles City: minus 23

Sheridan: minus 14

Glendive: minus 26

Glasgow: minus 35

Havre: minus 42

Jordan: minus 40

Wolf Point: minus 33

Sidney: minus 27

Butte: minus 18

Missoula: minus 4

Great Falls: minus 18

Helena: minus 10

The Canadian arctic cold front that came into the area Monday is expected to head east Tuesday, making temperatures rise to the teens and low 20s on Wednesday.

"We'll see another cold night tonight, but not as cold as we saw this morning," Solum said.

The highs for northeastern Montana on Tuesday will be around minus 10, with 2 degrees a high for Billings and the single digits for southeast Montana, Solum said.

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