BUTTE — Some Butte teens may be crying over spilled milk.

That’s because they face possible charges for imitating an Internet prank known as “gallon smashing” that has gone viral recently.

Butte police say one 15-year-old boy was cited with misdemeanor criminal mischief and theft for intentionally destroying two one-gallon cartons of milk in Wal-Mart on Friday evening. Police suspect three other teens may have been involved and charges were pending Monday.

The teen grabbed two one-gallon jugs of milk and threw them on the floor in Wal-Mart at about 6:30 p.m., police reported. The jugs ruptured and spilled milk all over the floor; the juvenile then fell to the floor and rolled in the spilled milk, according to the police report.

Another teen allegedly recorded the incident with his cell phone, according to Undersheriff George Skuletich. Employees detained the teen accused of smashing the jugs, while the other teens managed to get away.

The boy allegedly told police his friends wanted to record him smashing the milk and then post the video on YouTube, Skuletich said.

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The “gallon smashing” prank appeared on the Internet last month. Three teens in Virginia who recorded themselves smashing gallon jugs of milk and juice are said to have started the prank. The videos received national attention after they were posted on YouTube and other teens around the country started making their own gallon-smashing videos.

Skuletich warned teens that gallon-smashing is a crime.

“It’s goofy,” Skuletich said. “You might think it’s a prank or whatever, but you are destroying other people’s property and committing a theft.”

Skuletich said police have the identities of the other three teens allegedly involved in the prank and they are expected to be charged in juvenile court.