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Hiding behind a vehicle parked in the lot of the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital in Glasgow, Dr. Michael Bush watched the gunman approach. Moments earlier, the emergency room physician saw his co-worker and her husband wounded by gunfire as they raced to help a fatally wounded emergency medical technician.

On Friday, six days after the attack that left two people dead, Bush described the incident as a "random act of terrible violence." He praised the response of the hospital staff and law enforcement during the shooting rampage last Saturday at the community hospital.

"I certainly was left with the feeling that the whole scenario was handled very, very well," Bush said.

Bush, an emergency room physician at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, also works occasional weekend shifts at the hospital in Glasgow.

Killed during the shooting at the hospital was 37-year-old Melissa Greenhagen. The gunman, identified by police on Thursday as 42-year-old Roger Lynn Sellers, died several hours later at his residence.

The Glasgow Police Department has released few details of the shooting, including how the gunman died. Chief Lynn Erickson said Thursday that no more information would be made public until a coroner's inquest hearing, which has yet to be scheduled.

Erickson did confirm Friday that a Glasgow officer placed on administrative leave after the shooting has returned to duty. He declined to name the officer. A Valley County sheriff's deputy placed on leave after the shooting also has returned to work.

Contacted at his home in Billings by telephone Friday, Bush agreed to an interview with The Billings Gazette after consulting with a hospital executive in Glasgow. But he asked that some details of the incident involving his co-worker, hospital nurse Suzanne Billingsley, and her husband, Scott, come directly from them.

Suzanne Billingsley declined to comment Friday afternoon. She said the couple prefers that their involvement in the incident be released by authorities at the coroner's inquest hearing.

Both Suzanne and Scott Billingsley were wounded during the shooting and have since been released from the hospital.

Here's Bush's account of what happened:

There were three patients and about 15 hospital staff in the emergency room Saturday afternoon when Scott Billingsley arrived to bring his wife a cola shortly after 4 p.m. Bush knew the Billingsleys from working with Suzanne, and he recognized her husband because he visited often when she was on duty.

After delivering the drink, Scott Billingsley said goodbye and left, Bush said. Moments later he came running back inside and said Greenhagen was on the ground in the parking lot.

"At that point, we didn't know she was down from a gunshot," Bush said.

Bush joined the couple as they ran toward the parking lot. Bush said the pavement was icy so he slowed down to avoid a fall. Scott and Suzanne ran ahead and reached Greenhagen, who was on the ground near the open door of her pickup truck. The truck was parked near the front of the hospital's ambulance barn.

As the Billingsleys reached Greenhagen, Bush said, he heard three gunshots. Suzanne was hit in the side, he said, and Scott was hit in the hip. They both went for cover, with Suzanne getting behind Greenhagen's pickup and Scott going to his Suburban parked a few feet away.

Bush said he got behind a parked vehicle about 20 yards from the Billingsleys.

Bush said it took a moment for him to realize what had happened. Another nurse came out of the hospital and Bush said he yelled at her to get back inside and call police.

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Greenhagen did not move, Bush said.

A short time later, Bush said, he saw the gunman approaching from about 100 yards away. He could not see a weapon. The man wore a brown jacket and a black stocking cap. His hair was black and shaggy, Bush said.

Bush described what happened next, but he insisted that the information be made public only if it came from Scott Billingsley.

The gunman stopped advancing, but the shooting continued. At one point, the gunman got on the ground and fired underneath the vehicles. Bush said Suzanne was hit in the foot.

Several windows on the third floor of the hospital were hit by gunfire, Bush said. He was not sure if the gunman knew his location, but had the man moved 50 yards in one direction Bush would have been exposed to the killer. The doctor said he was prepared to move.

Bush said he was told the gunman was armed with a .22-caliber rifle.

Officers eventually began arriving at the parking lot and took cover as the gunfire continued, Bush said. Then hospital staffers were able to get Suzanne and Scott Billingsley safely into the hospital. Bush also made it inside the building after being pinned down in the parking lot for about 45 minutes, he said.

The hospital was locked down, Bush said, and he remained there as law enforcement continued their efforts against the gunman outside.

Bush said the gunman didn't say a word during the episode.

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