CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – A look at some of the bills in the 2002 legislative session. Most bills require a two-thirds majority to be introduced.

HB41–Creates safe havens for abandoned newborn babies. Defeated 5-4 by House Judiciary Committee.

HB50–Diverts $22 million from mineral tax income for four-lane highway project. Failed introduction 26 yes-33 no.

HB55–Raises legislators’ pay from $125 to $225 per day. Introduced 47-13 and referred to House Appropriations Committee.

HB58–Lowers legal blood-alcohol limit from 0.10 percent to 0.08 percent. Introduced 46-14 and referred to House Transportation Committee.

HB61–Requires mandatory testing of drivers involved in fatal accidents. Introduced 57-1 and referred to House Judiciary Committee.

HB62–Boosts law enforcement retirement benefits. Introduced 59-1 and referred to House Judiciary Committee.

HB82–Redefines agricultural land for taxation purposes. Recommended by House Agriculture Committee and sent to House.

HB97–Spends $10 million from state reserves to establish trust fund, the interest from which would be used to enhance services to elderly residents. Introduced 40-20.

HB115–Requires more detailed reporting of what lobbyists spend on legislators. Failed introduction 34 yes-26 no.

HB137–Repeals corporal punishment in schools. Failed introduction 32 yes-28 no.

HB141–Raises salary of governor from $95,000 to $150,000, secretary of state from $77,000 to $120,000 and other three state officials from $77,000 to $105,000. Introduced 45-15.

HB146–Raises the statewide property tax by 4 mills to help pay for school building construction. The hike would result in the owner of a home valued at $50,000 paying $19 more per year. Failed introduction 15 yes-45 no.

HB169–Increases minimum wage for tipped workers. Prepared for introduction.

HB177–Repeals term limits. Failed introduction 38 yes-22 no.

HB199–Extends past June 30 expiration date 2-cent tax on fuel to help fund education. Failed introduction 16 yes-44 no.

HJR9–Proposes constitutional amendment that authorizes local control of schools and limits any state agency from prescribing text books. Introduced 54-6.

SF3–Grants partial property tax exemption for veterans who served in Serbia and Afghanistan. Introduced 27-2 and recommended by Senate Revenue Committee to Senate.

SF14–Provides $200 million from general fund for construction of several four-lane highways. Failed introduction 14 yes-16 no.

SF37–Strengthens law banning open alcoholic containers in motor vehicles. Failed introduction 14 yes-15 no.

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SF51–Amends K-12 funding formula to conform to Wyoming Supreme Court mandates, adding $29 million to school funding for next school year. Recommended by Senate Education Committee and sent to Senate.

SF54–Creates crime of using or threatening to use weapons of mass destruction. Introduced 29-1.

SF59–Requires Senate to approve removal of state attorney general. Introduced 20-10 and referred to Senate Judiciary Committee.

SF60–Authorizes new water projects. Introduced 29-1 and referred to Senate Agriculture Committee.

SF77–Prevents state agencies from regulating sale and use of firearms. Introduced 29-0.

SJR2–Designates U.S. 287 from West Yellowstone, Mont., to Fort Washakie as the “Sacagawea Trail.” Introduced 30-0 and referred to Senate Transportation Committee.

SJR4–Requests that Congress reimburse state for loss of elk to wolves. Introduced 24-6 and referred to Senate Travel Committee.

SJR6–Repeals law allowing Legislature to call itself into special session. Failed introduction 8 yes-22 no.

SJR8–Proposes constitutional amendment restoring method of requiring vote of residents to incur debt or raise taxes for school building construction. Introduced 20-10.

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