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CODY - The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comments during the revision of its resource management plan for the Bighorn Basin.

The BLM has scheduled public meetings on the plan in Cody today, Powell on Thursday and Lovell on Friday.

Each meeting will be from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Park County commissioners say they want people to speak up about the plan, which could affect public-land policies in the basin for a decade or more.

"They revise this plan about every 20 years, and they've been doing it all over the West, and now it's our turn," Commissioner Jill Shockley Siggins said.

The commissioners haven't taken a position on what issues the planning should cover. However, they're using an automated phone system to let constituents know about the planning.

The system called about 7,000 people over the weekend.

Siggins said she often hears from residents about public-land issues. With much of Park County under BLM management, she said this week's scoping meetings are an important venue where people should speak up.

"People are very thoughtful in the things they are talking to me about, and it covers a wide spectrum from sage grouse to wild horses to oil and gas to wind farms," she said.

Commissioners also have started a blog where residents can post messages and ask questions about the BLM plan revision process.

The meeting in Cody will be at Big Horn Federal Savings, 1701 Stampede Ave. The Powell meeting will be at America's Best Value Inn, 777 East Second St., and the Lovell meeting will take place at the Lovell Community Center, 1925 U.S. Highway 310.